Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Here?

Good Morning, Kittens!

Do you know what I need?

A Job! Well, yes, but besides that.
More Bourbon! Um, yes, besides that, too.
A Winning Lottery Ticket! Um ...

Oh! Oh! A fabulous hair cut!

YES! That's it! And, that's where I'm heading this morning.
VUBOQ needs a little time with the Colornatrix. Hurrah!
I can't wait to tell her that her cut was the Talk of Detroit.

Yesterday was an Exercise in Ineffectiveness*. I pretty much spent the day either (a) on the sofa or (b) napping. I did find several jobs to which I would like to apply. Perhaps, I will do that later today.

I am getting a little frustrated with the whole unemployment thing, especially the unresponsiveness of certain parties. I have emailed. Should I call? Am I being too pushy? Too impatient? Is it a plus to seem that way? Or a minus? GAH.

MegaMillions is at $250 Million.

Have a great day! *smooches*

*Although not entirely, I did manage to make the Roommate stomp from the living room because I dared to watch movies last night. Mission Accomplished?


  1. Heehee. When I was in high school (especially my first year when I had a psycho-bitch roommate), I delighted in making her storm from the room. (Of course, we were in a dorm room, which meant that she ended up in someone else's room - or in the common room. Of course, she was a psycho-bitch, so it was all okay. Actually, now that I think about it, I had a roommate like that my senior year in high school, too. She only lasted a month. Mostly because I threatened her with a baseball bat. But that's another story....) Anyhoo... I think I lost my thought somewhere down memory lane... I'll be thinking you happy lottery thoughts (from the Land of No Lottery... *sigh). Can't wait to see the haircut pictures!

  2. anne marie in philly12:22 PM

    calling once a week does not make you obnoxious; calling every day does.

    and how DARE you watch movies in your own home? you might think Y owned the joint the way he's acting. if he doesn't watch it, his sorry ass will be out on the street (where it belongs)!

    take no prisoners, show no mercy!

    why yes, I AM a bitch, TYVM! :-)

  3. I can't believe you fly all the way to DC for your haircut.

  4. rn terri7:49 PM

    I agree with Anne Marie, call once a week. And do post some pics of your fabulous doo!! P.S. I am so pissed, I can't read you at work anymore, they have some sort of blocks on my computer---can you believe the NERVE of some people??? ;-)

  5. Yes, Mission Accomplished.

  6. We have sooo much in common! Well, at least unemployment and lottery tickets. I'll trade the gin for cheap wine, though.