Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Morning, Kittens.

What a weekend. I'm exhausted ... but, first, how about some pottery pix?

This is the casserole dish I made for Esther and Joe's wedding present. Isn't it pretty? Isn't the butterfly handle on the lid *so* cute? Isn't it amazing that one puts so much work into making a present and then at the very last moment something goes horribly wrong?

In the case of the beautiful lidded casserole, it would be that the lid must have warped during the glaze firing, because it is stuck. It no come off. Grrr. Esther has a friend who is a potter where she lives. Hopefully, the Professional Potter will be able to pry of the lid somehow or break it off in a way that the casserole is still usable. We shall see.

And, more pottery ...

A cute vase with a cracked bottom:

Vase 1

Another vase:

Vase 2

A bowl:

Bowl 1

And a mug:


Yesterday, I glazed two additional mugs. I hope they come out ok.

As for the rest of the weekend, on Friday, I blobbed at home feeling sorry for myself.

Saturday, I blobbed some more. And, then, Eric from Baltimore came down. We had cocktails and a delicious all local/organic dinner with Esther and Peter.

Then, EfB, Tomokito, and I went to Town, where we got a little drunk and danced the night away.

Sunday. Very Hung Over. After the trip to the pottery studio, I took a nap and felt better. I had margs with Tomokito and Baby Hana. Then, (not *that*) Robert drove over. We went out for Mexican and then watched a bit of TV on DVD (Project Runway Season 3).

Y is mostly moved in. I feel like my house is (even)full(er) of crap. Urgh.

Have a great day.


  1. anne marie in philly9:57 AM

    "A cute vase with a cracked bottom" - I have a cracked bottom, but I am not a vase. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    yes, it's f-ing monday and I am in a weird mood due to lack of sleep.

    lerve the pottery, esp. the casserole dish...too bad about the lid, but hope it is salvageable.

    how much crap does one person need to write a dissertation?

    you have my sympathy, dear.

  2. I tried to do pottery before, but all I got outta it was malformed lumps of hardened clay and a bad mood.

    Your pieces on the other hand are exquisite!

  3. Maybe the pottery will continue to set a bit and the lid will pop off?

    Good luck with Y. Remember, it's only for a couple of months and the money will be nice.

  4. Maybe if they soak the casserole dish in water or something. Dunno. That sucks.

    Hope all works out with Y.

  5. Cracked bottoms are all the rage, Bossy hears...

  6. Gosh, they get beautifuller and beautifuller, your pieces. Good luck with the casserole and with the roommate.