Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cuz + GayProf = Perfect Vacation

Good Morning, Kittens.

As you are reading this, I am heading to the airport. Yesterday afternoon, after I got home from another fabulous time with the Cuz and the GayProf, I went online to check my flight status and it said: CANCELLED!!!! (because of weather). I called the airline and they couldn't rebook me on a direct flight to DC until today. Extra Time with the Cuz! It is awesome!

So, anyway, here's the rundown of my SuperFun Vacation ...

I arrived on Thursday. The Cuz picked me up at the airport. We got to her house and had cocktails. Yay. Later, GayProf, who only lives a few blocks away (!), came over for dinner. We had lots of wine and pizza on the grill. And tiramisu.

The next day, GayProf came over for lunch - leftover salad and prosecco. Then, we drove over to the Arboretum. It was lovely. See:

With the 'ProfNature red in tooth and claw.

We left the Arboretum to meet the Cuz, the Cuz-in-law, and some of the Cuz's co-workers/friends at Aut Bar, the gay bar in Midwestern Funky Town. After many fun beverages, we wandered up to Seva, a vegetarian restaurant, for dinner ... and margaritas.

The Cuz and Cuz-in-law went home. Gayprof, John (a friend of the Cuz and the 'Prof), and I headed to Detroit. First stop: Pronto, a gay bar in Royal Oak* ... the highlight of which (besides some mighty fine looking menz) was when some drunk girl started playing with my hair ...

Drunk Girl: I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv yer haaaaaaaaaaaaaaair.
Me: Thank you
DG: Wheredi'yougetitcuuuuuuuuuuut?
Me: Washington, DC
DG: You... go. allthewaay to deeeeeeeescheeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Me: Yes.

Then, before her head exploded, I explained that I am only visiting and am actually from DC.

From Pronto, we headed into Detroit, to a once-a-month dance party held here:


Oslo. Sushi. Thai. Bar. Lounge. Nightclub. It smelled like Egg Rolls. The nightclub part was in the basement. It was dark. And the music was ... how to put this nicely? ... bad and not danceable. Although, towards the end, we danced.

And, this creepy little drugged out 23-year-old kept hitting on me.

We got home at around 3:30AM. *yawn*

Saturday, it rained a lot. The Cuz, Cuz-in-law and I did lots of blobbing on the sofas. It was quite lovely. In the evening, we headed over to the home of some of their friends for a small cocktail party. Then, we went to some other friends' home for dinner - delicious veggie kabobs and seitan loafy things. And lots and lots of booze. And, then, some more booze.

Sunday, after a relaxingly lazy morning, we walked over to GayProf's cute little house for a delicious brunch. Tequila Sunrises! Quiche! Wine! Cake! YUMz!

MePlease note: This is Me. In the Home of the 'Prof! ZoMG!

That night, the Cuz and I prepared several tapas out of Jose Andres' Cookbook. They were delicious ... but time-consuming. We made patatas bravas, spinach with apples and almonds, white almond gazpacho, and a green bean salad. It was a lot of work. We decided that in the future, unless we have a staff assisting us, it might be easier to make only one tapas and a salad.

Monday, after doing some reading, GayProf picked me up and we met the Cuz for lunch at the Red Hawk Pub.

The Prof and MeGrilled CheeseGrilled Cheese or Me. Which is cheesier?

The Cuz went back to work. GayProf helped me pick out a small Thank You for Taking Care of Isabella gift for SCGB. Then, he showed me some sites of the campus ...

Graduate Library Reading RoomLike Homoerotic Murals in the Graduate Library Reading Room

The 'Prof at His DeskAnd, his office. How many cute little male undergrad hearts have been broken here?

GayProf drove me back to the Cuz's home. After learning that my flight was cancelled, the Cuz/Cuz-in-law and I ordered sushi and watched 30 Rock for hours.

So, all in all, a SuperFun trip. It was so great hanging out with my Cuz and Cuz-in-law, who are two of the most supercool, fantastic people I know. I totally want to be like them when I grow up ... except for the heterosexual/married part.

PLUS, I met one of my very first BlogCrushes and learned that he is totally Crush Worthy in Real Life, too. GayProf is smart, funny, tall, cutecutecute, *and* he laughs at my jokes (and he likes to drink. What's not to love?). Why don't they make guys like him in DC? Hm??? Why?

Have a great day! Keep your fingers crossed for an uneventful flight, and -if you want- check out the rest of the photos from my trip here.


*Or not a gay bar ... I was totally going to link to their website, but you can't even tell it's a gay bar from their WhiteBreadSite. What up with that?


  1. Pronto's day life is for the heteros as a bakery and small eatery. At night, when they are all doing whatever heteros do at night (tending children? sleeping? bingo?), it converts into a space for the gays. All of the spaces in Decaying Midwestern Urban Center and surrounding areas must be multi-function, which is why Oslo provides sushi and Thai food and a bar and a lounge and a night club.

    I am so, so, so glad that I finally got to meet you in real life! If readers doubt VUBOQ's awesomeness, I am here to testify.

  2. The grilled cheese.

  3. anne marie in philly1:07 PM

    yep, the grilled cheese is cheesier.

    I second gay prof on VUBOQ's awesomeness!

    welcome back to the steaming pile of crap that is the east coast right now!

  4. What a great trip! I'm so jealous that you met GayProf in person. The pictures of both of you warm my heart.

    Although you did not take a picture of this, you must tell: does GayProf really have the Wonder Woman outfit? Inquring minds MUST know.

  5. I can't really answer the which is cheesier question, but I'm sure you're every bit as yummy as the sammich.

  6. Clio Bluestocking: At one point, after GayProf excused himself, I rummaged through several of his closets. But I couldn't find the costume nor the entrance to his secret lair. *sigh*

  7. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I am so glad you had a great trip and got to meet the wonderful GayProf! I hope you guys can ge ttogether again soon. You deserve it! HUgs!


  8. rn terri7:22 PM

    What a great trip!! And what a couple of fabulous looking guys!!

  9. So so so so fun, Bossy is so jealous.

  10. Damn. My only two male blog crushes together in one place and I am not there. Teh cute, it slays me.

    AND, my word was "cranatho". That really sounds like a drink. I nominate you to create a cranatho.

  11. ME too I'm jealous of the funz and the meetings with the most desired man in the blogosphere.

  12. Vuboq: Well, you know that GayProf is a wily one. He probably has them hidden very well -- or in plain sight.

  13. NC Cuzin9:23 AM

    Dang! Sounds like super fun. NC Cuzin is jealous of the good times.

  14. Dillon4:21 PM

    It's so exciting to see things from my town on your blog! Red Hawk and Seva = two of my favorite places to eat in A2. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!