Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh, Look Who It Is.

It's me, the Was Too Blah to Blog One.

Can I blame Post-Fabulous Vacation Blahs?

Or, maybe, I should blame Julie & Julia, which I started reading last night. So far, it's not awful. But, it's one of those books that makes me think, "Where are my book options? Why isn't my life publishable?"

It's not that I feel that I could write better than she did, but I couldn't write anything worse.
Heck, I don't need a movie deal.
Ok, maybe I do.
But, still, it amplified the Unemployment Why Won't Anyone Hire Me Funk, fer sure.

I was thinking of going out tonight, but have decided that I don't dislike anyone enough to subject them to This Mood ...

So, it's an evening of Martinis, Movies, and Me tonight. Oh. I haz all teh funz.

Tomorrow, I have to do a lot of cleaning. I decided to allow Y to rent my spare room (for $500/month). I know it will be stressful and annoying, but I can use the moneys. I have to clean out the spare room and make it at least somewhat presentable. He moves in on Sunday (I think) (and out sometime before November 1st ... not that I'm counting the days).

Saturday night, Eric from Baltimore comes down and we are all heading out clubbing, either to Town or Mixtape.

Sunday, Carolyn and I are heading over to the pottery studio to finish up some stuff. And, at some point, Y moves in.

Oh, the Life and Times of VUBOQ.

Have a great weekend, kittens.


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  2. anne marie in philly8:58 PM

    what does isabella think about this development?

  3. This will be interesting. I hope the whole roommate thing works out. Good luck!

  4. I would like to see my blog made into a graphic novel.

    Good luck with the cleaning and the Y.