Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flaxen Waxen Knotted Polka-Dotted

Good Morning, Kittens.

I had a lovely morning with the Colornatrix yesterday. She does such good work. I bought her a MegaMillions QuickPick (which reminds me: I need to check to see if I won! $250 Million!) and gave her a couple of chilies from my garden.

During our chat, she mentioned that she LUV'ed the tea-infused vodka I gave her last time. Yay! AND, then, I met the cute new "trainee". He gives good hair-washing, fer sure. Too bad he's too young and too partnered. *sigh*

And, the final hair result?



Verdict: SUPERCUTE (if I do say so myself)

I texted Mike (Who Makes Cakes) to see about meeting for lunch, but he didn't respond until I was on the Metro. So I had a lovely grilled tofu wrap and glass of pinot grigio at Adega. Then, I picked up some purple duct tape for some temporary pipe repair, and I bought some groceries for a little experimental cooking.

Reading Julie and Julia, although quite frustrating in many ways (more on this later, I'm sure), has at least inspired me to cook.

When I got home, my friend and former co-worker Dana called and was going to be in Silver Spring. So we met up for some shopping and happy hour beers before she headed out to dinner with her BF.

Once home, I helped SCGB with some yard work. He mowed. I weeded and swept and tidied. And, look! Baby Eggplant in my Garden!


After all of that, I had a beer and decided I was too tired to experimentally cook (let's just say it involved tofu, thai basil, chili peppers, and pumpkin seeds). I nuked a veggie burger, poured some bourbon, popped Doctor Zhivago into the DVD player and blobbed.

All in all, a Very Good Day.


  1. The hair is fabulous! All hail the Colornatrix.

    Your eggplant is cute. Eggplants are some of the prettiest fruits. I don't like the taste, but I love to look at them.

  2. anne marie in philly9:33 AM

    "gimme a head with hair,
    long beautiful hair!"

    interesting how it flips in the back, like a french twist.

    have a good the roommate crazy!

  3. Yes! Very cute, your baby eggplant. It's just like tomatoes. They're so cute when they're babies, but then they grow up to be . . . tomatoes.

  4. VERY cute hair! And you've got to let me know what you think about Julie and Julia when you are done. (Not that I don't have a bazillion other things to read at the moment, but you can never have too many books, right?!?)

    BTW, my verification word is 'bless' - I'm not sure how I feel about that. Unless it's in a Southern "Bless her heart" sort of way. I guess. ;-D

  5. Remember to share the jackpot.

  6. Supercute 'do! Just wanna run my fingers through and tug at it! ;-)

  7. rn terri6:50 PM

    Fabulous hair!! Please review Julie and Julia when you finish, I'm trying to decide if I want to read it! ;-)

  8. Me gusta tu pelo! Good jerb you! Way to look awesome!