Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Master of the Drain Snake

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday, I snaked a drain! I know!
So manly!
So masculine!
So totally not me.

I am plumber. Hear me roar. *rowr*

As you may remember, the day before I left to visit the cuz, my sink exploded (or became clogged. whatever). I haven't had the time or inclination to deal with it since then.

Finally, tired of washing dishes in the bathtub, I decided to take matters into my own hands and fix the sink myself. Step 1: Unclog the drain.

Which apparently requires a drain snake.

I walked into the hardware store, headed towards the plumbing section, and looked flummoxed.

"May I help you," asked the sweet young Hardware Girl.
"Yes! I'm looking for a drain snake."
"Oh. Um ... what does one look like?"
"I don't know."

Finally, she went to get help and there they were. Right in front of us. Hm. Doesn't look very snake-like. Where are the scales? and the beady eyes?

I followed directions I found on the internet and VOILA! unclogged drain. Hurrah.

Of course, now, I have to start Step 2: Replace the pipe that has a big ass hole in it (not from the snake, but from the drain unclogger I had tried previously). Adventures in Plumbing. Fun Times.

Later, the light looked really weird, so I took a couple of photos ...



Y and I had a little "discussion" about the food situation. As in, stop acting like you are expecting me to cook every meal for you. The $500/month doesn't include board.

Oh, and I registered for the Fall Pottery session. Yayz!

Today's exciting plans include a trip to the yarn store (maybe) and laundry. Woo. Hoo.

Have a great day!


  1. Woo! Your plumbing prowess impresses me to no end.
    I'm so glad you're standing up to Y and not letting him take advantage of you!

  2. I agree with Pacalga. Boundaries with Y are going to be critical to make sure that you stay sane and he remains alive.

  3. You would not do well in prison. Please do not kill Y. They don't let you blog from prison, either, and that would be very bad.

    I'm impressed by your drain snakery. We have a drain snake. Anytime a drain goes wonky, it looks like a job for Superman. We have a deal. He does the drain snakery and DOESN'T TELL ME WHAT HE PULLS OUT OF IT and I let him live. Here. With me.

    Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

  4. anne marie in philly11:18 AM

    someone is going to ask you to turn in your "gay card" if you keep up with this plumbing business. LOL ;-)

    and YAYZ for using your mouth and your brain to tell Y off! he has 2 hands and can cook his own f-ing meal...or go out and fetch a meal...or have a meal delivered!

    ooooooh, yarn shopping...where are you going and what are you buying and what are you planning on knitting? screw the laundry (not literally)...the yarn store awaits!

    PS - word is "ovenie", as in "Y needs to learn how to use the ovenie to heat up a happy meal!"

  5. Generally killing one's leasor is a bad idea. However... if you've stopped using the bathtub for dishes, and you've got A Whole Lot Of Lye (I was going to say lime, but then you'd start thinking margaritas, and well, that's not the image I'm going for here), and some patience, you could dispose of the body. And since you've got that handy drain snake? You can remove any remaining bits...

    Oh, wait, did I just type that? Oops. Nevermind. That was all Strictly Hypothetical. Besides, it might be a dead (heh!) giveaway if you've got to take showers at the neighbor's place for a few months...

  6. Okay now that you have cleared the drain.... as your friendly HOA manager from the left coast... this is my mantra. "once in every month... a gallon of bleach in every drain" Pour, cover and let set for 30 minutes.
    NO more Draino!!
    You're welcome :)

  7. Fortunately, Bucko handles all our icky maintenance tasks, but when I was single, I surprised myself on occasion. Necessity is a motherforker, that's for sure.

    And yay for you!

  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Tell Y to start buying the ingredients and you'll cook (if you're willing to do that) or up his damn rent. I've had sooo many roomies like that, it sucks. Stand your ground!

  9. I thought I just commented, but I guess I was incorrecto...

    Anywayz, I've lived with many clogged drainz (aka one that was consistently miffed up) and I would attack it with a toilet plunger. After awhile I'd give up and leave it to be someone else's responsibility.

  10. Snakin' the Drain
    The Drain Snaker
    The Big DS
    Drainicus Snakus
    The Snakerator
    {nods head during entire monologue]