Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend Update: Minty Edition

Good Morning, Kittens! Happy Monday!

My weekend was filled with mint, bourbon, knitting and rain! I know! So much fun!

So, lessee ... Friday night, after my date canceled, I was settling in for a solitary night at home, but -lo and behold!- a neighbor invited me over for a fun-filled evening of margaritas and Trivial Pursuit. Good times. Srsly.

Saturday, after hearing on NPR that it was Kentucky Derby Day, I decided to make Mint Juleps. However, I had no mint and no bourbon. Fortunately, a good friend saw my Facebook status update and personally delivered some mint from his yard. And took me out to lunch ... where I ran into CNTBD. Always good to see him.

After lunch, we headed back to my place to watch movies and drink mint juleps! Hurrah! We watched Breach (about the Robert Hansen spy case) with Laura Linney and Ryan Phillipe. It was much better than I expected. And, as an added bonus, I knat quite a bit on my First Ever Sock (version 2.0). For those of you who are wondering, it's KnitPicks Essentials Burgundy. and the pattern is some sort of moss stitch rib. And, I can make no sense out of the heel instructions. Guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it (still about 2.5 more inches 'til we get there).

Sunday, I had planned to do a little gardening, but it rained all day. Instead, I watched movies and knat. Rather a dull day actually. I did make french toast for lunch though. That was probably the most exciting part of my day.

Today, I'll be job hunting (duh), heading to my next-to-last pottery class, and trying to buy a plane ticket to Tulsa. Fun times. Really.

Oh, and I have a bit of a dilemma ... a friend of mine is the director of a summer program for outstanding math and science high school juniors and seniors at a university in North Carolina. Apparently, one of her regular instructors is unable to teach this year. So, she has asked if I would be interested in creating a course (preferably a lab course, which I assume means one with an experimental component).

Of course, I would be interested; however, there are several drawbacks.

First, the plusses:
(1) $4K + room/board for one month's work
(2) teaching smart/motivated students can be fun
(3) creating a course on environmental/ecological issues would be an exciting challenge
(4) the location is cool (literally and figuratively)

And, the minuses:
(1) how would this effect my unemployment benefits
(2) teaching smart/unmotivated students can be a total bitch
(3) figuring out cat care for over a month
(4) I haven't taught in a *really* long time
(5) missing DUN's wedding would not be cool
(6) moving to NC for a month would be difficult, esp. if I were asked to come in for an interview for a job in DC/MD/VA
(7) how would I do pottery?

So ... lots to think about. I have a few weeks to make a decision (and to plan a course if I decide in the affirmative).


  1. 'Round these parts, if you have temporary work, you don't get unemployment for that week but continue to receive it after your temp work is up.
    If you think you have a good sock pattern, trust it, knit it exactly as it says to, and the magic happens. It totally doesn't make any sense until you do it about 10 times, but it really does work.

  2. Ditto pacalaga - the turning of a heel is such a magical process, it doesn't have to make sense.

    Wait, what? Tulsa?

  3. I have a friend in NYC who is on unemployment and has worked temporary jobs without losing her benefits.

    I'd say #5 is the only real issue you'd need to work out. Everything else seems solvable.

  4. Ooh, and if it's in August, I could stay at your place for one of the weeks and take care of Isabella!

  5. Number 3 is often the most tricky for me.

    I'd clarify the unemployment issue with somebody official.

  6. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Turning a heel is one of the great mysteries of life. I found some vids on YouTube that walked me through it my first time and now it's easy as pie. Good luck!

  7. Hmmm - interesting job dilemma for you. Bosy is hanging by her fingernails for your answer. Please hurry, Bossy's fingernails are very short.

  8. Interesting dilemma. It does sound like fun, but... valid quandaries for sure.

    The sock is looking very non-poolish. That's a good thing.