Sunday, May 24, 2009

How Well Do You Know VUBOQ?

Good Afternoon, Kittens. Happy Memorial Day Eve.

Since only a few people took my quiz over on my facebook page, here it is. Feel free to put your answers in the comment section. Correct answers will be posted tomorrow. For those of you who already took the quiz on facebook, no cheating!

1) VUBOQ has one tattoo. Where is it?
a) lower back
b) left shoulder
c) neck
d) right ankle
e) VUBOQ doesn't have a tattoo

2) VUBOQ is ...
a) unemployed
b) drunk
c) both a and b
d) neither a nor b

3) VUBOQ's cat, Isabella is named after
a) his best friend, Isa.
b) Isabella Rossellini
c) Isabella I of Castile
d) Isabella Fiore
e) Saint Isabel of France

4) VUBOQ's favorite color is ...
a) orange
b) purple
c) blue
d) red
e) green

5) Prior to living in the DC/Metro Area, the place VUBOQ lived the longest?
a) Rural Hall, NC
b) Kitakyushu, Japan
c) Marion, NC
d) Albemarle, NC
e) Beijing, China

6) VUBOQ sometimes refers to his cat as
a) Frankenkitty
b) Mouser McMouserson
c) Fluffy Fluffsalot
d) Psychokitty
e) Stinkypoo

7) Which Famous Blogger has VUBOQ *not* met live and in person?
a) Puntabulous
b) Jimbo
c) Scott (formerly Scott-o-Rama)
d) Bossy
e) Someone in a Tree

8) VUBOQ's Gin of Choice is ...
a) Plymouth London Dry
b) Leopold's Gin
c) Hendricks
d) Quintessential
e) None of the above

9) The Best Harry Potter Movie has been
a) The Order of the Phoenix
b) The Goblet of Fire
c) The Prisoner of Azkaban
d) The Chamber of Secrets
e) The Sorceror's Stone

10) How many countries has VUBOQ been to?
a) 7
b) 14
c) 21
d) 28
e) 35

11) The clock in VUBOQ's dining nook doesn't work. The time is always:
a) 12:00
b) 2:10
c) 6:03
d) 5:51
e) 9:17

12) VUBOQ has never gotten the clock fixed because
a) He is lazy
b) He likes how it looks
c) It's a fun conversation piece
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

13) One of the few vegetables VUBOQ despises...
a) beets
b) asparagus
c) broccoli
d) bell peppers
e) brussel sprouts

14) The last time VUBOQ owned a car was in ...
a) 1995
b) 1999
c) 2001
d) 2004
e) None of the above

15) As a child, VUBOQ's hair color was ...
a) blond
b) brown
c) red
d) black
e) green


  1. I'm going to try to do this without looking up the answers or at anyone else's:

    1) E?

    2) C!!!

    3) B

    4) E (I thought A but then realized your blog is loaded with E)

    5) C (I'm guessing here. I know you grew up in NC and lived in Japan and/or China at one point)

    6) D

    7) C (although he is most definitely NOT a "famous blogger")

    8) I can't remember, but none of the ones listed seem to bell as being it so I'll say E

    9) B

    10) B???

    11) B???, but shouldn't it be 4:20?

    12) D

    13) E?

    14) C?

    15) C?

  2. I don't know VUBOQ very well. I only ones I know for sure are 2 (C, obviously) and 6 (D).

  3. anne marie in philly8:25 PM

    1 - d
    2 - c
    3 - b
    4 - e
    5 - b
    6 - d
    7 - b
    8 - b
    9 - e
    10 - a
    11 - c
    12 - d
    13 - a
    14 - d
    15 - b

    that was fun!

    how are you going to determine what the winner gets as a prize?

    WHO gets the most correct answers...(cheezy game show music playing)

    I know it will not be me...

    hope you are having a good weekend!

  4. Boy. I'm not even going to try, and embarrass myself by highlighting the fact that there's a 20 year gap of your life that I've missed. I think the only answer that I know is 'Psychokitty' ;-) But, I confess, I'm dying to know the answers!

  5. I don't know enough of the answers to play. Which makes me sad. I mean, with the help of a good search engine I could find most of the answers, but laziness prevents that.

    I still love you, though.