Friday, May 08, 2009

Doozy Number Two-zy

I tend to think the best of people, even when they do bad things to me.
Hell, I was mugged and I think "maybe he had his reasons ..."
I forgive too easily.
I try to focus on the good in people.
Which gets me into trouble.

As a former co-worker once said to me, "Sometimes people mistake kindness for weakness."

Some of you may remember that I recently ran into John, the Cheating Cheater. Since then we have been in casual contact. I was thinking maybe we could rebuild some sort of friendly relationship. It's not like he's a bad guy. Sometimes he could be surprisingly sensitive. And he's funny. And he made me think about things in an entirely different way.

Last night, we were supposed to meet up. He was going to pick my up at the Metro station near his house at around 7:30.

I was running a little late ...

7:27PM: Me via text: "At Silver Spring Metro. There in about 10 min or so."

No response.

7:34PM: I arrived at the Metro station and called: "I'm here. It's still light. Should I walk to your place or do you still want to come pick me up?"

7:51PM: John via text: "Hey I need a rein (sic) check."


8:00PM: Me via text: "I don't think that will be possible. Take care."

8:01PM: John via text: "Sorry workes (sic) later than I thought ... big tasking at work sorry again ... u take care as well."

VUBOQ was still HOT. And realized that the "take care" brush-off was letting John off too easy.

8:09PM: Me via text: "And u didn't realize this until 21 minutes after we were supposed to meet? I hope u treat ur other friends w/ more respect and consideration than you did me."

VUBOQ was still HOT. But, felt a tiny bit better.

VUBOQ thought he would feel even better if he sent the following text:

"Btw, you're still not out at work, are you?"

BUT, fortunately for both of us, the V in VUBOQ is for Vicious, not Vindictive. Thus, I simply sat and stewed and drank and thought. Yes, there was a possibility that tonight besides talking we might have fucked. And, really, I'm ok with that, because, sometimes a fuck is just a fuck and even though John was not quite as endowed as he liked to think, he wasn't half bad in the sack.



  1. cheaters like him are just selfish people. cheating is not just about cheating: untrustworthy, egotistical and cowardly. it's sunny in NYC today.. i hope it's sunny in DC-- you should go out and have fun.

  2. VUBOQ, I've been a lurker fan of yours for some time now, and I just have to say that this guy is a creep. You deserve so much better.

    Funny how someone's true colors become blindingly bright. Usually just in time to save us from making big mistakes...

    Take care.

  3. He did you a favor. Next time you bump into him, remind yourself that he might look good, but somewhere out there is a portrait of him looking ugly and shrivelled, like his insides. You deserve better. Some people really DON'T HAVE any good. (Or more to the point, some people may have good inside, but refuse to share it with you/me/whoever.)

  4. But what happened to the steady that you weren't allowed to talk about on the blog? Is he out of the picture now? Or simply out of town?

  5. Bah. You already know my opinion of cheating cheaters.

  6. rn terri11:10 AM

    You deserve someone SO much better than that jerk. I am glad you told him what was on your mind! "hugs"

  7. I am confused about why you would waste your time. He seems to enjoy stringing you (and probably everybody else) along.

    Torn had the same question that I had.

  8. anne marie in philly12:07 PM

    when I was single, I had a rule: the date showed up within 15 minutes of the agreed meeting time, or I was outta there!

    my time was and is valuable; I can never get it back.

    this lying liar and cheating cheater doesn't deserve your valuable time. he dragged you out of the house with NO intention to meet you; he treated you like a doormat.

    like you, I try to look for the good in everyone. but for the life of me I can't find it here.

    VUBOQ is nobody's doormat! repeat that to yourself 1000 times!

  9. I also have the 15 minute rule, unless the communicate in some way, which is totally allowable.

    He was completely inconsiderate in not letting you know he was AT LEAST running late if not unable to meet up.

    I was supportive earlier about ex-sex and all, but this guy is a waste of your time. Unless he comes begging, cut bait.

  10. What a bastard. Hell, if you see him again, I'd say cut more than just bait. (Oooh... do I need to add 'vicious' to my name, too, now?) Sounds like you probably got the better end of the evening anyway.

  11. Anonymous1:11 PM

    What an ass, but sometimes a lay is a lay. Not worth the effort though, you deserve better.

  12. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I wondered what on earth you were twittering about, but I didn't want to ask and be all can-opener prying. *hugs* What a jackass. Srsly.

  13. VUBOQ,
    This idiot did you a favor. Sometimes all it takes is a little kick in the ass from the reality police for you to remember why you two broke up and why you should probably disregard him for the rest of your life. It might have stung for a couple of minutes but it probably saved you from mountains of regret.
    Onward and upwards...

  14. Sometimes an ex- is an ex- for a reason. This cheating cheater is also a dumbass. He doesn't deserve someone as good as you.

  15. This is the greatest post ever, and almost distracted Bossy from wanting to wring the shit out of John's neck.

  16. Cheating cheaters and using users make my blood boil.

    It's interesting to see someone you once cared very much about in the stark light of reality, isn't it? Yeah--nothing good going on with him. Cut bait : )