Saturday, May 16, 2009

DC Fabulosity Quotient Returns to Normal

Because I don't want my blog to be topped by negativity all weekend ...

Good Saturday Afternoon, Kittens! Yes, I am back in the DC/Metro Area at last. Poor Tulsa. I assume it is weeping at the loss of me.

The trip was SuperFun, except for one or two moments of unpleasantness (see below), which were satisfactorally resolved before I left. So, it's all good.

Come Monday, I'll post a Fun-Filled Recap of all my Exciting Adventures.

Meanwhile, I have finished uploading all the photos from the trip. They're on Flickr in the Tulsa set.

Have a fantastic weekend! *smooches*


  1. I was wondering what that noise was that I've been hearing; apparently I can hear Tulsa crying from here. And well it should.

  2. How about a Detail-Filled Recap? I want to hear everything.

    I have a Jim Beam decanter shaped like the Golden Driller.