Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Don't know if I'll be back again ...

That's right, Kittens. As you read this, I am (hopefully) sitting at the airport thinking, "Did I remember to pack my toothbrush?"

I didn't. I'm sure.

Oh, wait. Here it is.

[I'm also typing this post on Monday night, so that bit was a lot funnier to me]


Mine will certainly be interesting. Especially if I turn up hacked into pieces in a freezer in a garage in Tulsa, OK. Photographic evidence of the Killer will be Right. Here. On. the Blog. Assuming, of course, that I get hacked into pieces after I am able to post.

I say this all in jest. Srsly. He is a nice guy. And ShallowGal and SCGB have his address, cellphone number, and instructions to call the police if they don't hear from me (just in case).

Bases? They are covered.

My current dilemma is this. Last night, nothing was out of the kiln. AND, none of my greenware had been bisque fired. Hello? Wasted Trip? GAH. AND, two of the items that are in the kiln being glaze fired right now are things I was going to (a) give as a Hostess Gift and (b) give to a friend who is coming to DC this coming weekend.

G. to the AH.

and forkity forkity fork fork.

VUBOQ was raised right and always takes a Hostess Gift, which presents an interesting dilemma, fer sure.

Have a great day! Stay tuned to twitter/facebook for updates!


  1. anne marie in philly11:52 AM

    hostess gifts - a bottle of wine, box of good chocolates, bouquet of flowers.

    I was raised as you were - NEVER do you go to someone's house without a small something.

    have fun!

  2. ShallowGal is a lot scarier than you'd think.

    xoxo, SG

  3. Waitin' to see even a little tweet beyond just having arrived in Tulsa. Are you still alive?

  4. LOL, thanks for the 12 of 12 reminder. Since I took the day off I actually remembered on my own.

  5. I'm with Java, hoping you're OK and having fun. Tweet soon so we'll know you're in one piece with fingers still attached.

  6. I'm taking the lack of tweets as a sign of great fun being had!

  7. Can't wait to hear what you think of my (sorta) hometown.