Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Post About Pottery. What a Surprise.

Good Morning, Kittens.

I went to the pottery studio yesterday to pick up my final pieces. One is still in the kiln, so I probably won't get it until the Fall. I am Totally In Love with this bowl though. And, I think I'm going to send it to Tulsa William as a Thank You Present for hosting me. I'm going to give him a choice though, but my feeling is that he will choose this bowl. We shall see...

Anyway, besides the bowl, I had three mugs and two vases finished ... Here's one of the mugs:

Brown Green Mug

and one of the vases:

Bud Vase

I also had 6 pieces of bisqueware which I didn't have time to glaze this session. If I can take a course this summer, I may be able to glaze them then.

I am partial to the cute little handbuilt creamer:

Handbuilt Creamer

and this funky vase thing:

Funky Vase Thing

The other items are my most recent uploads on Flickr. Enjoy!

I don't have that many unassigned pieces this session, but stay tuned for a Pottery Giveaway within the next week or so. Love me. Love my crappy free pottery :-)

Have a Great Day! *smooches*


  1. I absolutely LOVE the blue glaze! And I particularly like the bud vase.

    Light is home from school now, and she took Ceramics II last term. She's got some great stuff, too. She has made a cookie jar for me. I just saw it. It's fantabulous! I'm going to take pictures and post them. You won't be the only one with a pottery post.

  2. rn terri10:08 AM

    I LOVE that bowl! Great gift idea.

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful and beautiful. And your pottery isn't bad lookin' either!

  4. Your Pottery is awesome! When I have taken pottery classes any items that are decent get stolen form the kiln. I am envious you end up with yours!

  5. Yum, the green glaze on that mug is lovely.

  6. The bowl is lovely and a departure from your standard glazing technique. Very nice.

    another good word veri: prorno

  7. That blue vase is KILLER - I love the colors!