Friday, May 15, 2009

Square Pegs Round Holes

Good Morning, Kittens.

A quick update from the Land of Narrow Minds ... Apparently, VUBOQ is:

-a flaming queen
-overly effeminate
-not intelligent
-and, the way I talk would be OK if I were 21.

Fortunately, VUBOQ is completely comfortable with these thing. He spent over half his life trying to be someone he isn't. And, he's very happy now being the Person He Is. If other people can't see that [he is happy and comfortable], then that is their issue [and, believe you me, they have Issues]. Not VUBOQ's.

VUBOQ is ecstatic to be returning home today (even though he doesn't arrive until Very Late tonight).


PS. Tulsa is -actually- a lovely little city ... even if its residents are not always so. More pictures this weekend.


  1. Huh. Well, screw them. The Greater DC Metropolitan Area is THRILLED to have its VUBOQ back where he can be properly appreciated! :)


  2. There is a reason that it's called "fly over" territory, and it has nothing to do with the landscape. Tell them to kiss your flaming queen, overly effeminate, immature, unmotivated, not intelligent, 21-year-old talking butt, and get back here where we love you as the beauty-loving, beautiful, warm, friendly, generous person that you are.

    By the way, my brother told me that there is a category for stupid people, and it's called "WRONG"! Words of wisdom right there.

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Darling, you are fabulous. Everything is better with a little swish....welcome home!

  4. Swish away, dear! I will sashay a bit myself, in solidarity.

  5. You are SO not immature, unmotivated, or unintelligent.

    Um. So. Cute t-shirt! Do fries come with that shake? ;-)

  6. Be you, babe!*snaps in Z-formation* Be beautiful, as you are. Positive affirmations to counter the negative coming in 3-2-1...

    You are smart, quick witted, cultured, and oh so adored!

    *sings "Beautiful" by Miss Christina to you*

  7. The problem with Tulsa? It's so close to Texas.

    I have little patience for those who enforce gender expectations within the gay world.

  8. anne marie in philly12:53 PM

    fuck 'em! (not literally)

    sashay chantay like all get out today. show those okies it's OK to be gay!

    I can't see OK passing a same-sex marriage law any time soon...with narrow minds like those, who needs enemies!

  9. Does this guy read your blog? While I agree with GayProf that enforced gender expectations are bad, I think that people are allowed to like what they like. I just can't imagine anyone reading more than a few of the entries here and coming away with the idea that you're anything like butch. Or that you'd consider changing to please a man. I reckon the complaints that don't come out of misguided notions of masculinity were just low blows that came from someone who was a little pouty when he realized that he didn't like you as much as he'd hoped.

    But, seriously, Tulsa? Maybe I'm narrow minded, but I wouldn't even date a guy from Northern Virginia. On the other hand, you did get a picture of yourself standing next to the world's biggest fishing lure, so the trip was probably about break even.

  10. Fuck Oklahoma.

    (OMFG! The word verification to post this comment? Is, and I shit you not, "pooff." LOL!)

  11. Um, yeah. Clio bluestocking already said it, but they are flyover states for a reason. And there's a good reason I live in New England now.

    It'll be good to have you back where you belong.

  12. what a moron. and i suppose he is the opposite of all of the above? next time let the boys come to you.

  13. Well fork them. We want you back here anyway!! :o)

  14. Bossy loves you just as you are, always and forever.

  15. Hey go with your strengths (although I know for a fact that you are not unmotivated, and I know damn well that you are intelligent)! Seriously, you are who you are, and we love you for it.

  16. Remind me again why you even had to go to Tulsa in the first place. I don't know if I every got the full story. I tried looking back through your blog posts to see if I missed something, but I couldn't find anything.

    Little known embarrassing fact about Scott: When I was going through my heavy Christian teenage years, we drove from Illinois down to visit my brother at college in Texas. We drove through Tulsa and visited Oral Roberts University. I thought it was so cool looking (remember I was from a fairly small community so I was easily impressed) that I wanted to go there. I applied but ultimately couldn't afford the tuition. Thank Jebus I didn't end up there or I'd probably be a deep-in-the-closet bible-thumping intolerant Republican today.

  17. I'm glad you made it out alive. I love that you love the person you are. We love you just that way too. Smooches!

  18. If the Tulsa gay bar where I worked and drank (and drank) was any indication, there are no limits in Tulsa on flaming queenery, effeminacy, immaturity, motivational deficiency, or unintelligence. That's part of why I have fond memories of the place, I suppose.