Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update: Sweaty McDripperson Edition

Good Morning, Kittens! Happy Monday! I hope you all had an uberFabulous Weekend o' Fun. I certainly did.

On Friday night, I met E for snacks/drinks. And then we went to see Despicable Me in 3-D. It was a cute movie. Funny. Uplifting. But dragged in parts. After the movie, E offered to drive me home, which I accepted. Then, he was all like "Can I come in for a minute?" And I was all like "OK." And then, once he was inside, he was all "Maybe I should give you a massage?" And I was all like "OK."


So, I guess you know where the night ended up. And it was well worth it. Good times.

Saturday, I slept in. Then, I went to the Giant to buy cleaning supplies and food. Rather than cleaning my bathroom, I made a video for BOSSY's Tempur-Pedic Mattress Giveaway. I hope I win:

I made a pasta salad. And, then, I invited A over to *ahem* watch movies.

Sunday morning, after A left, I headed to the pottery studio. Unfortunately, all of my pottery was still in the kiln. Wasted trip. In 100 degree heat. Ugh.

After I got home, Tomokito came down and we had many margaritas ... and some wine. There was a BIG thunderstorm. Scary!

Tomoko went home. My friend, Robert, came over and we went to El Golfo for dinner. Spinach enchiladas! YAY! (And, to prove that I am not a Total SlutPuppy, I stayed true to my friend, Robert, and turned down the offer to go to C's house to "watch movies". Yay me)

And that was my SuperFun Weekend. How was yours?


  1. well clearly not as superfun, or sweaty, as your weekend.

    If it was REALLY good times on Friday, I'm not surprised you needed to sleep in.

    And VUBOQ,sweetie, you're already dripping with Sparkly Fabulousness.

    Frankly, were I you, I'd have gone more along the lines of "these alphabet-lettered guys are wearing out my matress and I need a new one." But sparkly fabulousness might just work too. :)


  2. I've already apprised you of this past weekend's goings-on.