Thursday, July 15, 2010

Of Pop Tarts and Presentations

Good Afternoon, Kittens.
Mmm.  Homemade Pop Tart (from Ted's Bulletin near Eastern Market).  Tasty deliciousness ... although the edges are a bit dry.
ANYWAY, I now have a working A/C!  Hurrah.  I actually had to use my comforter last night.  It's so nice to sleep in a cool room.  Not much else happened yesterday.
Today was yet another adventure in clusterfuckery.  Two meetings.  The second of which I had to give a presentation.  My slides have been ready since before the meeting was first scheduled (July 7th).  The meeting was postponed twice.  Finally, they get their stuff together and held the meeting today.  I was the only one with slides that weren't just a title page.  PLUS, they didn't have a projector set up.  Instead, they had made photocopies of all the slides for everyone.  *ugh*  Next time, I'm bringing my own damn projector and screen.  Srsly.
Anyway, the funniest thing?  After I gave my presentation, everyone applauded.  Ha! 
Now, I am braindead and fighting off an attack of the Afternoon Sleepies.
Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!  *smooches*


  1. I wonder if the recipe for the homemade poptarts is out there. I think they'd be fun to make.

    Glad you have your AC. How about you save the world a bit by turning up the temperature so you don't actually need to use a comforter in the middle of July. ;-p

  2. Aren't you da bomb? No one read my powerpoint slides before our call today. gah. I hate them. They set up way too many meetings for FRIDAY too. meh. Let us know if you are coming - glad you have AC!!!!! xoxoxo