Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer of Fun!

Good morning, Kittens.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to tour the US Green Building Council's National Headquarters and the offices of RTKL Architects.  Both offices are certified LEED platinum for commerical interiors.  The USGBC's HQ used very cutting edge technology, while RTKL managed to meet the requirements using readily available techniques.  Thus, it was quite interesting to compare the two. 
Once home, I did laundry.  Fun times. 
In other exciting news, I received a text from E, the very fine guy from last Friday.  He was all "I had fun and would be willing to see you again to "play," but I'll understand if you're not OK with that."  So, I am good enough for teh buttsecks, but there is some other standard which I'm failing to meet (like, I don't know not cute enough?  not smart enough?  not funny enough?  not rich enough?).  Whatever.  Summer of Fun.  We're going to let it ride ... If I have time to see him, maybe I will.  If I'm too occupied with A, C, D and there is an F in the works, I guess I won't see him. 
Finally, here's the big WTF of the Day:  FBI director says Justice Dept. is investigating possible exam violations (possibly the most. boring. headline. ever).  My WTF is not over the actual cheating, but that they cheated on an OPEN BOOK TEST.  Seriously, how lazy and/orstupid do you have to be to cheat on a test that allows you to look up the answers in the text?  AUGH!
Tonight's fun activities include packing for New York City! (Yay!)  and a possible visit from A (I haven't made up my mind about him coming over. depends on how the packing goes and how tired I am).
Have a great day!



  1. I think it would also matter what A is packing. :)

    Seeya soon!


  2. "Not cute enough? not smart enough? not funny enough? not rich enough?" NEVER!