Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun

Good Morning, Kittens.
So ... yesterday, I left work a little early for an "appointment" ... with Leah the Colornatrix.  Oh, yeah.  I am back to my (*ahem*) natural (*cough*) color.  See? Actually, it's a bit brighter than normal, but it's Summer and this is the Summer of Fun, filled with lots of boys and cute bright hair.  Yay.
The trip to the salon was exciting ... especially if one defines "exciting" to mean "OMG Worst Torturous Metro Ride EVAR!!!!"  I got on the train near work and the car's a/c wasn't working.  At the next stop, I switched to an adjacent car ... which also had a non-functional a/c.  I decided to suck it up b/c until my transfer at Metro Center.  Once my red line train approached, I got on a car ... that had NO A/C.  So, I immediately hopped off and boarded the next car.  WHICH ALSO HAD NO A/C!  WTF, Metro?  W.T.F.
Let's just say I was a hot, sweaty mess by the time I arrived at Tenleytown ... so I treated myself to an iced chai from Starbucks.  Nom.
After my appointment, I met Jerry at Level One (the restaurant below Cobalt, formerly known as Food Bar) for drinks (lots and lots of drinks) and food (mmmm.  black bean chipotle burger).  Good times.  Fun conversation.  Always cool to catch up on the Jerry Dating Drama.  Then, I staggered to the bus stop and eventually made it home to bed.  Bed is good.  I like bed.
ANYWAY, the other day I received a $25 iTunes Gift Card (yay!).  I have already asked this on Facebook/Twitter but I am welcoming suggestions about songs I should purchase.  I'm thinking of songs for the Official Summer of Fun Soundtrack.  What songs would you buy?
Have a great day!  *smooches*


  1. I'm not sure blonds have more fun or just you sweetie. I'm thinking it might be you.

    No a/c in your neck of the woods seems inhuman. Hope you are cooler today.

  2. Natural color? I've been using the sun to 'naturally' lighten my hair for years. I'm not sure what my natural color is any more, nor do I care. (I do, however, know what yours is, but my lips are sealed! BTW, blondes DO have more fun!)

  3. I love bed. And your cute, bright hair.

    I'll have to think about the songs and get back to you...

  4. I too was subjected to un-a/c'ed Metro Cars on the trip to pride this year. Luckily, the adjecent ones DID have a/c. And how was the ride back, were they a/c-ed then?

    Summer music, eh? I don't know...let me see....