Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It's Mornings Like This That Make Me Wish I Still Drank Coffee

Good morning, Kittens.
But, wait.  I still drink coffee ... but not during the week.  Only on weekends.  It has to do with the whole "heart skipping beats" thing a few months back.  I cut out the daily coffee and it stopped.  I mean, my heart didn't stop.  That would be bad.  But, the skipping beats thing stopped. Weird.
ANYWAY, there is more to my sad, sad coffeeless life, which you probably already know if you follow me on Twitter:  Monday evening my air conditioner died.  *ka-THUNK*
And, as you may be well aware, the temperatures this week have been in the TRIPLE digits.  So, yesterday, I spent the morning on the phone seeing if I could find someone to repair my (very old) air conditioner.  And they could!  In about 2 weeks!  At the earliest!
Then, I decided to look for a new one.  None of the stores around here seemed to have much, but I did find one online.  I bought it.  It should be here next week.  And, then, I contacted a contractor (who several people in my building have used) to come install it (and haul away my old one).  Grand total of this little adventure: $500.
Which means, my Summer/Fall vacation plans may not be happening.  Well, my trip to NYC at the end of July is still happening.  But my other trip in September may not be.  Bah.  Homeownership.  Sometimes it totally sux.
In the meantime, without the A/C, I am sweltering at home.   I briefly considered arranging a series of Craigslist Hookups: 
Casual Encounters:  Me - cute, hot, single.  You - Have a/c. 
Fortunately, I may not have to resort to that.  Several neighbors have said I could crash in their living rooms.  I may take them up on it tonight.  It is too darn hot. 
And, after two nights of very bad sleep, I am a little incoherent.
Have a great day and stay cool!


  1. teh yuck. i hope fedex is early..

  2. I live in constant fear of not having air conditioning. I pity you.

    And boo to the non-Fall travel plans! I'd still keep an eye on airfares, though. Sometimes Decaying Midwestern Urban Center is a real bargain!

  3. I feel your pain, but thankfully not at this time. Our a/c is notoriously persnickety. Superman had to repair it about a month ago.

    Good luck with your a/c installation. I hope it happens soon! This heat is unbearable.

  4. Does your HO insurance have a clause where if your abode is uninhabitable they will pay for a hotel??

    I think it mainly involves flooding...

    Good luck....stay cool. You can work lots, maybe get some OT and then go on your trip *and* impress them with your professionalismness.

  5. You had me slightly panicked there with the thought that your summer plans might be cancelled. Whew.

    Sucks about the a/c. You definitely need it. Your Craig's List was innovative to be sure but you're probably better off crashing at the neighbors. Ending up in some guy's freezer might be cooling but in the long run not so much fun.

  6. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Wow! Sorry about your AC; however, I thought $500 was cheap since I recently had one replaced at a cost of $5,000---but, then, I live in Oklahoma!


  7. You poor thing - I hate to think of you sweltering away. I'm glad you have such nice neighbors.

    *Like Tam, I suffered a slight freakout about your vacation plans, until I read further.

  8. No a/c? In THIS weather? Oh man thank GOD for cool neighbors. And cool neighbors with cool air conditioned apartments!