Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Update: Many Dates and Fun Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

What a weekend! And, in my case, since I have today off, it is still on-going. But, I thought you deserved a little recap of all the excitement so far.

On Friday, after work, I metro'ed to Dupont Circle. I met the Canadian and K-Factor at Circa for pre-dinner drinks. I had a Dark and Stormy. Yum! Then, we walked to Bistro du Coin for dinner and champagne and lots and lots and lots of wine. After dinner, we walked up to the Russia House for even more boozy good times. And, that's where my date, A, met us. We had lots and lots and lots of vodka. But, A had to work on Saturday, so we left the party early (like around midnight) to go to his house. Where we ended up having Wild Monkey Secks on the living room floor all night long.

Or, y'know, for a little while and then we went to bed. And, got up EARLY (because of the whole "going to work" thing). Let's just say one of us was a Little Overhung. Fortunately, A drove me home. I got home around 930AM and promptly crashed on my sofa until noon. Nice.

Made lunch. blobbed. Walked to the grocery store. Went for a run. Made dinner (delicious raw corn salad with Michelle's favorite, feta). Oh, and my Saturday night date with "C" was postponed. Instead, I went up to Tomokito's for drinks and conversation. Fun!

And, because it was so cool after a morning of rain, I was able to sleep in my own apartment Saturday night. Yay!

Sunday, I got up early and went to the pottery studio. I threw three small pots, the second of which ended up back in my clay bag. But, the other two (pictured above) came out quite nicely and will be mugs of some sort.

On the way home from pottery, I stopped off at Subway. Yum. 12 inches of goodness. Mmmm. Then, I wasted time until my date. C was in Baltimore doing work. So he stopped in Silver Spring on his way home. We met near the metro station and went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. It was pretty good. He hasn't dated for awhile (just out of an LTR, I think), so the conversation wasn't exactly *sparkling*. He seemed nice. I would like to see him again. And, he drove me home (which is always nice).

Then, I went upstairs to have drinks with SCGB and to hear all about his fun trip to NYC. I slept in K-Factor's apartment, even though my place might have been cool enough without a/c. I slept really well, but had some strange dreams ... at one point I was being attacked and I punched the guy in the face. I woke up when I actually punched my bed. Then, I turned over somehow and wrenched the beejeebus out of my knee. Ow. Walking is slightly difficult (so no training run today, methinks).

AND, to recap my three dates in four days:

B: fun. made out in his car.
A: drunken. hot buttsecks at his place.
C: also fun, but slightly awkward. hug good night in his car.

The interesting thing is that I see both A & B as mostly fun, summer secks things. C seems like we have a lot in common and more long-term dating potential. As far as personal attraction goes. I think A is the most attractive, followed closely by C, and then B. I know I am weird.

That's about it, I guess. Today is 12 of 12. So I may be posting again later tonight. Stay tuned.

Happy Monday! *smooches*


  1. Your social life leaves me dizzy. Glad to hear your a/c is arriving soon. Of course now that means the temps will drop into the 60's.

  2. Gee Tam, from reading the post, I thought A had already come but C had not yet.