Friday, July 02, 2010

I Spare You the Photos. Srsly

Good Morning, Kittens.

OK. I do share with you one photo. My new earring. I bought it in Denver. It is turquoise. And triangular. And it replaces my "rainbow" earring that I wear during pride month. *sigh* June is over. I can't be proud anymore.

ANYWAY, yesterday was pretty cool. My office conducted a four-hour training at one of our sites. I gave an (approximately) 30-minute presentation on that site's energy use and how to save energy. If I do say so myself, I was brilliant. The participants seemed engaged and (as proven by a little quiz/game we did at the end of the four hours) the information seemed to have stayed with them.

Let me just say that, although I did not enjoy being a high school teacher (so many many years ago), the skills I acquired during that time are pretty damn useful.

After the training, my officemates and I went out to lunch. When we got back to the office, we learned that the General had approved Early Release. At 2PM. We got back to the office at 2:15. So, we all packed our bags and went home. Yay.

When I got home, I noticed there was an odd "dead animal" smell near my building. I thought that maybe our garbage bin was being all gross and stinky.

Then, I went for a run.

Later, after noticing that the "dead animal" smell was getting stronger, I decided to investigate. I headed to the garbage bin, but -on the way- noticed a large swarm of flies near my building. I looked closer and OMG! BIG FURRY LUMP OF UNMOVING BEASTIE!!!

I called K-Factor and SCGB, but they weren't home. Then, I called another neighbor, who was home ... and who volunteered to assist me in disposing of the OMG! BIG FURRY LUMP OF UNMOVING BEASTIE!

We got a shovel and a couple of garbage bags and rapidly disposed of a VERY LARGE putrid, maggot-covered, festering, dripping, juicy opossum. At one point, I may have squealed like a girl. BUT, on a positive note, I did not vomit. Yay me.

On an even positiver note, my 4-day weekend begins today! I am spending it by (1) doing yardwork, (2) doing housework, and (3) spreading SPARKLY FABULOUSNESS all over the suburbs of Virginia. Yes, I am spending the 4th of July with the UberGroovy ShallowGal and her Amazing Posse of Spawn.

Oh, and (totally unrelated to my visit w/ ShallowGal and her Spawn) I may also be getting some of teh hot, sweaty buttsecks. Details later, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day Weekend! *smooches*


  1. Okay, I almost threw up reading your description. Ugh. Yay for early release, sort of like early parole I suppose. :-)

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    great story about the 'possum. you are a fierce gay and a great neighbor. i hope it did not die tragically.

    SCGB's S

  3. Opossum are nasty enough when they are alive.

  4. Please give my love to the Shallows and their amazing posse of spawn.

  5. Oh, that was me, David, not, you know, J-O-S-H.

  6. Yes a Suburban fourth rarely includes buttsecks. But lots of boozy fireworks. So it's a wash.

    Eli's been telling everyone that "mommy's boyfriend" is coming for the weekend. People are going to be even more confused than the time you, me and Ken all went to the wedding showcase.

    xo, A

  7. Grody gross gah! Funny how poop doesn't skeeve me, but rotting beastie does.

  8. Blech. Shudder. How horrifying! You are very brave.

    Hope your 4th is super sparkly!

  9. Wow, VUBOQ, who knew you were so butch, disposing of the rotten beastie and NOT vomiting! Good for you!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend1