Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Weekend Update: Suburban 4th Edition

Hello, Kittens!

Did we all have a fabulous, SuperSparkly 4th of July? I hope we did!

As for me, my weekend was chock full of boozy, delicious fun!

On Friday, I spent the morning/afternoon doing housework-type things ... like laundry and mowing/weeding the lawn. And, taking some pants to the tailor to be hemmed. In the evening, I met A (the guy who looks like the Cheating Cheater) for drinks/dinner at Nellie's. Boozy fun. Although, this was our first "date" ... I guess. Normally, he just comes over here for hours of teh hot secks. Now, we are having, like, conversations and stuff. I'm not sure if I like where this is going ;-) ... Srsly. I like him. But, I don't know if he's the kind of person I want to *really* like. Friend w/ Benefits or regular FB would be good. Something more? I'm not so sure...

Saturday morning, he left to go to work. I blobbed around the house. Then, SCGB and I headed out to (near) Greenbelt for a birthday party. It was so much fun. Cookout! Conversation! Sangria! We got home late. I crashed.

In the morning. after getting over my (slight) hangover, I headed into VA to hang out with the ShallowGal Posse! 4th of July in Suburbia! So, like, weird and homogenized.

After arriving at the ShallowHouse, we relaxed for a bit and then went to the pool. I wore my ubergay squarecut swimtrunks (soon to be featured in a Blogger Swimsuit Calendar. srsly.). Then, we took the dog for a walk. And, after showering, the whole ShallowGang piled into the Suburban (or whatever) to drive like 2 blocks to a BBQ/potluck on the lake. Delicious Peach Sangria! Pineapple Chili Margaritas! Wine! Beer! Delicious Foodz! And, once it got dark, bootleg fireworks by the lake. So. Much. Fun.

And, the best part? After making up many many stories about how ShallowGal and I knew each other ("we're friends from elementary school"/"we only met yesterday"/etc), one of the party guests said to ShallowGal, "Is he (meaning me) your son?"


ShallowGal is 9 months older than I am. So, I guess, *technically* in some sort of weird sci-fi way, I could be ...

I spent the night in the 'burbs and returned to the Silver Spring early Monday morning. Then, Eric from Baltimore came down and, along with Tomokito, SCGB, K-Factor, and the Canadian, we went to Mi Rancho for Boozy Lunch. Margaritas! yay! After several pitchers, we returned home, made more margs and watched "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion." So. Much. Fun.

And, there you have it. My weekend o' Boozy Fun.


  1. So, you're ShallowGal's son. Does it mean that you are young, or that she is old?

    Sounds like a very fun holiday weekend.

  2. Wow, so much more fun than my weekend, which involved work, tooth pain, and boredom.

    i think next year, I'm coming down and just gonna leech off your celebrating. :)


  3. You did leave out the part about how the woman who asked that was 89 years old, but yes, it did happen.

    Ruined my whole damn fourth.

    PS: My word verification is Porno

  4. Oh, man, ShallowGal, I'm sorry. 89 years old or not, that was one bitchy old lady.

  5. If she was 89, then she was familiar with 12 year olds becoming mothers as they might have back in the day, so that is what she probably thought. And that VUBOQ was a premie. And that perhaps his typically juvenile behavior made him seem younger than his 40 years might bely. And it was dark. And the old gal probably was in her cups by then.

  6. Ouch. Poor Shallowgal. The woman most likely had cataracts.

    I love the whole Mary/Rhoda argument in that movie.