Monday, July 12, 2010

12 of 12: A Whole Lotta Nothing Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

And, here is my long-awaited 12 of 12 post from my day. I figured I might as well post my pix now, because nothing much else is going to happen tonight. OK. Some other things *might* happen, but I'm not going to take pictures of them.

OK. I might take pictures (or video! hah!), but I'm not going to post those here. This is a Family Blog.

OMG. Did I just type that? So. Funneh. Still ... not posting those kinda pictures here. Sorry.

ANYWAYZ, so my morning started off in my neighbor's apartment b/c of this:

july201012of12 001Hello, My Busted A/C

Isabella? She does not enjoy the heatz either ...

july201012of12 002

Then, I ironed. For hours ...

july201012of12 003

Ironing finished, I decided to walk up to Downtown Silver Spring for shopping and food. But first ...

july201012of12 004Hello, Pretty Cosmos in my yard

Shopping at the sad, sad, partially empty City Place Mall was disappointing.

july201012of12 006

But, my Boozy Lunch at Adega was far from disappointing!

july201012of12 008

The new Silver Spring Community Center Thing:

july201012of12 010

I don't know what this sign is advertising, but the image creeps me out.

july201012of12 012

Nap Time with Isabella!

july201012of12 015

Martini Time!

july201012of12 016

Taking a photo of a sudden rainshower is hard.

july201012of12 018

Dinner Time! Leftover Chinese food and Retsina. Yumz.

july201012of12 017

Photos not featured in this post are on flickr.

And that would be all. *smooches*


  1. Does your new a/c arrive soon? I hope so, for Isabella's sake at least.

    Looks like a pretty nice summer day, all things considered.

  2. I was going to do the 12 on the 12th for the first time ever this month. Ooops. Maybe in August, if it's not a weekend, or a busy day or the sun isn't shining. Sigh.

    Poor hot kitty.

  3. HATE ironing. HATESES it with a passion, especially in this heat.

  4. I prefer my cosmos in a glass.

  5. If you won't post those pictures here, then where?

  6. Bossy can never, ever ever ever never ever, photograph the rain.