Monday, June 08, 2009

Weekend Update: WTF Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

Hope you all had a fun weekend. I certainly did ...

Saturday, I planted a chili pepper plant in the front garden. And I weeded. And I drank. And I created a New Banner for Ye Olde Bloggie. You like? Oh, and I watched A Dirty Shame. totes fun. srsly.

Sunday, after mucho coffee, I ventured forth into the District. I "bought" two books (using my Borders VISA Reward Certificates): The Geography of Nowhere (recommended to me by one of the guests at Shallowgal's birthday party) and The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature. Now that I've finished Watership Down (for the umpteenth time), there's some fun reading ahead!

I wandered around DC snapping some pix, hoping some DC-residing friends would respond to my texts. None did. So after a few hours, I came home (with a stop at McGinty's for a veggie burger and a few beerz).

Then, the K-Factor texted to see if I was up for some margaritas at Mi Rancho. Well, duh! So we headed over there for a pitcher of liquid sunshine. So fun!

No exciting plans for today. I suppose I will do the usual: troll the job sites, not find anything, drink myself into a stupor, go to bed. Fun times.



  1. anne marie in philly8:52 AM

    I like the new banner, but cannot read the words imbedded therein.

    have a good day! *grin*

  2. Liquid sunshine. Mmmmmmm.

  3. I like the new banner.

    I like the VUBOQ, too, and hope he gets a good job soon.