Thursday, June 04, 2009

Glee: The Review

Hi, my name is VUBOQ and I don't have cable.

However, I do try to keep up with network TV via the Web 2.0.1, which is how I found myself watching Glee on

And, seriously, people. Is this the State of Modern Network TV? Did the bigwigs at FOX think "Hey, Disney's High School Musical did really well so let's take that and make it worse?" (as if that is even possible ... ha! ... I kid. I totally *heart* High School Musical (all three of them (although the third one was slightly disappointing in that Sharpay's twin brother, Ryan, totally should've come out but didn't even though he is Gayer than last year's Gay Men's Chorus Pride Float))).

So, in Glee ... we have Zac Efron Some Guy as the Popular Athlete Who Can Sing! and some Pretty Girl Who Can Sing (with Gay Dads!)! Plus, there's a Guy in a Wheelchair! And a Fat Sassy Black Girl (with a serious set of pipes, btw)! And an Obviously Gay Guy! and a Non-descript Asian Chick! OMG! Minorities! They can Sing! and Dance!

Throw in a Teacher with a Heart of Gold (with a Bitchy Wife and an OCD Co-Worker with a Crush) and you have Network TV Magic! The quirkiness is killing me.

But, wait! There's more! Because the Sporty Guys and the Cheerleader Girls don't approve when one of their own goes off Singing and Dancing! I sense Conflict! and Duh-RAMA! OMG. I can only imagine the Emmy Sweep.

Maybe I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD b/c watching it on Hulu totally killed my laptop's battery and that is so not worth it.


Oh, and Good Morning, Kittens!


  1. Yeah, I got the sense of that from another blogger friend.

    Don't tell Puntabulous, though. He loves the show. Kids.

  2. I wanna watch it now because you, whom I trust, hate it and they, meaning the people on my Twitter, love it and I want to see just How Very Right You Are.

  3. Bossy is pretty sure the pitch for this show is: High School Musical meets Mean Girls.

    But you know what? Bossy likes it (Bossy now draws her sword in preparation..)

  4. It's OK. I watched the Glee pilot, and didn't love-love it (especially 'cause there's a lot of exposition to get out of the way), but I do like the idea and hope the show gets better.

  5. Wait, they put Fame back on?

  6. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Ugh!! This show makes me sick to my stomach what a wretched load of tripe! We have seen this CRAP done a million times before and better and no surprise that only 'certain' members of the cast get interviews and magazine covers.