Friday, June 12, 2009


Good Morning, Kittens.

It's a Bright Sunny Day here in Vutopia, which is kind of odd considering the weather forecast was for Rain Rain Rain and More Rain. And then a little bit of Rain.

I was supposed to go hiking with a friend in Great Falls (MD side) today, but we abandoned those plans because of the forecast. Of course, had we decided to go it would be pissing it down right now. And, my guess is if we still go, it will start storming as soon as we get there. That would be how my luck goes.

My plans for the weekend are chock full of fun and excitement. It's Pride! Yay! Time to put on extra supercute clothes and sashay around DC frightening tourists and attracting teh menz.

Saturday (after a fun-filled morning of Co-Op Yard Work Day), I will be going to a Pre-Parade Happy Hour at Jerry's. Then, we'll walk down to the parade. I don't feel like going out after the parade. I know, I'm boring. And slightly broke (although that didn't stop me from dropping about $60 on cute new underwear yesterday). And going out at Pride is expensive. Every bar doubles their cover. Economics suck.

Sunday is the Street Festival with featured performers Martha Wash (It's Raining Men) and ... wait for it ... RuPaul! Covergirl! Put the base in your walk!!! So exciting. I'll be meeting up with some friends at the festival ... and may go out for drinks afterwards. We shall see ...

So, Happy Pride Weekend! And as the banner says "Buy your favorite gay a martini ... and by 'favorite gay' I mean 'me'!"



  1. you should just have a post-parade-party at your place. "Cover" is one bottle of booze. ;-)

  2. It's pride here too! Too bad we won't be in DC, or we'd buy you that martini.

  3. Ha! And here in Rain City we haven't had any measurable precipitation in over three weeks. Go figure.

    Happy Weekend!