Friday, June 12, 2009

12 of 12: There and Back Again Edition

Happy June 12 of 12, Kittens.

Good morning, kitteh.
june0912of12 001

Shower time!
june0912of12 002

Running errands in hip, happenin' Downtown Silver Spring
june0912of12 004

Magnolias are in bloom.
june0912of12 008

K-Factor has a hot new sofa!
june0912of12 009

Sangria at the National Gallery of Art Summer Jazz Concert
june0912of12 014

Cute Jeans and Shoes!
june0912of12 021

Jazz Lovers
june0912of12 024

Jazz Lovers' Bikes
june0912of12 025

Construction at the National Archives
june0912of12 032

june0912of12 037

Home again. Home again.
june0912of12 039

The rest of the photos are here.



  1. I really, really like those shoes.

    Silver Spring looks like its off the dang chain :D

  2. We have the same shower curtain!

  3. I kinda want that shower curtain, although it matches nothing in the bathroom.

    I miss summer concerts. Well, more specifically, I miss summers with weather that allows one to be outside ...

    Nice 12!

  4. What a great day, so colorful and fun!
    Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  5. Isn't the big eraser hilarious? I also wonder at its placement next to the National Archives -- you know, where the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are housed.

  6. We have that same eraser at the sculpture park here. I didn't even know there was another one. But it's hardly surprising. We only get copies of everything. I betcha there's probably another Space Noodle in friggin Racine or something.

    Oh, and I still love that shower curtain. (Or is this the first time I've loved it?)

  7. You apparently have a lot of fans of your shower curtain. Add me to the list!