Thursday, June 25, 2009

Laundry Time with VUBOQ

Good Morning, Kittens!

We have a special treat for you today! Oh, yes, we do. It's how I do laundry ... just in case any of you ever want to come over and do it for me.

Step 1: Survey the Damage

Step 2: Sort. I make two piles: Colors and Whites. If there are enough Whites for a mostly full load, I do two loads. If not, I take out the essentials (socks, some t-shirts) and throw them in with the Colors, saving all the other Whites for Another Time.

Step 3: Re-load up the laundry basket and carry it over to the Laundry Room.

Step 4: Sprinkle detergent into the machine.

Step 5: Carefully and loosely load to ensure Proper Machine Balance.

Step 6: Set the Temperature (Colors or Whites).

Step 7: Put in the quarters. And wait.

Step 8: Unload. Separate items to be line dried vs. machine dried. My rule is Expensive Jeans and T-Shirts Which Cost More Than $20 = Line Dried

Step 9: Throw everything else into one dryer (and, to save money, cut your dryer sheets in half).

Step 10. When the cycle is finished, immediately fold the clothes and carry home.

Oh, and please note that I have folded my t-shirts in the Correct Manner. Some people, like the Cheating Cheater, fold t-shirts incorrectly by folding them in half. That method causes an unsightly line in the middle of your shirt. Don't do it. Srsly. Or I will laugh at you.

Lots of fun things happening today!
Have a great one.


  1. Laugh all you want, but I steadfastly fold mine in the middle. The great thing about cotton jersey is that the fold line disappears pretty quickly with a bit of body heat and humidity.

    My verification word is "grumlift", which seems like it ought to mean something.

  2. I fold DH's t-shirts and I hang mine. If he doesn't like the unsightly line, lazy bastard can do his own laundry.
    And how cute that you only have two loads a week. Damn.
    Ditto to Mel's comment, except mine is burfer.

  3. haha yeah, i have 3 piles: gentle cycle, reds, and everything else.

    i worked at American Eagle for a couple of years, so my jeans and t-shirts are properly folded - vuboq would be so proud ;-)

  4. You will have to laugh at me as well. I learned from my mom and my mom learned from hers, who was a laundress.

  5. I want a flip and fold so I can correctly fold t-shirts. I'm a very bad folder and I hate folding.

  6. But your way you have 2 unsightly lines splitting your tee shirts into thirds.

    Also, cheaper than 1/2 a dryer sheet? No dryer sheet. They are a giant scam. Never used 'em & I am a laundry Goddess.

    xoxo, SG

  7. Hangers. If it can be hung, it is hung. Not only does it protect the clothing from potential mouse nesting, but it save the whole folding issue. And besides, if I don't exactly get to the hanging part of the laundry immediately, it pretty much removes any wrinkles once it's been in the closet for a little while. (Which is a pretty common occurrence - my Dear Husband often refers to my piles of clean but unfolded/hung laundry as 'The Seven Hills of Rome'. Smart ass....)

  8. I'm with Shallow Gal, never bothered with laundry sheets.

  9. anne marie in philly5:47 AM

    in my house, 2-3 loads a week.

    everything in together, no separating (don't have delicates). and liquid detergent only, warm wash, cold rinse.

    dryer sheet (full size; they seem to have shrunk on their own lately).

    when dry, I fold and DH hangs. no undershirts in this house. absolutely NO ironing (don't even own one).

    oh yeah, and I don't need quarters!

    word is "kwore" - heh heh heh