Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Iced Coffee Morning

Good morning, Kittens!

How did it get to be June already? Hm? This is totally crazy.

On Sunday, I was so groggy I made coffee in the afternoon. I rarely do that because the caffeine prevents me from sleeping well. When I made it, I put a couple of shakes of garam masala in the basket with the grounds. The coffee came out yummy. And, since I only drank a cup or two (and I find using a coffee maker for anything less than 8 cups is a total waste of time), I put the rest of the coffee in the fridge and am now having it iced. YUM.

Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing. I found a couple of interesting jobs to apply for. so I'll be working on those applications this week. I am not hopeful.

In the afternoon, I walked up to Adega for happy hour wine and eggplant and sweet potato fries. Teh YUMZ. SCGB met me there. He told me all about his San Diego Marathon Experience. Hurrah. Then, we went to Whole Foods. I have the fixin's for veggie tacos now.

But when I got home I was too lazy to cook, so I made a sandwich.

And watched Harry Potter 5 and Sense & Sensibility.

and, then, I went to bed. But, I started re-reading Watership Down. I *heart* teh bunniez.

No big plans today. I am thinking about mowing the yard this afternoon. *gag* I hate mowing the yard ... but someone's got to do it. The Co-op used to pay someone to mow; however, as a way to save money and lower our monthly co-op fee, the Board decided to ask residents to help with the yard work. Hopefully, if I mow it this one time, other neighbors will start pitching in and mowing it for the rest of the summer. *fingers crossed*

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. mmmm masala...

    i bought some the last time i was in kenya and never got it home. i still wonder what the hell happened to it!

  2. You guys should set up a schedule for yard work. This "someone's got to do it" deal is bull carp. Because if you do it voluntarily, No One Else is going to.

  3. *reading your comment on Bossy's Ten Word Tuesday* Heehee.... Arby's. Not that my job at Hardee's was any better. Gah. (And as for hoping that other residents will pitch in with yardwork - I have a very strong feeling that you've just nabbed yourself the position as head lawn mover for the summer; now that you've done it, no one is going to want to take that honor away from you!)

  4. rn terri3:48 PM

    Good luck on the mowing thing, it is raining here........

  5. Cardamom is better in the coffee. Srsly.

  6. It's much too humid for lawn mowing. Srsly.

  7. Mowing is definitely a good reason to live in a high rise.

  8. Yay, bunnies! I like to recommend _The Gate to Women's Country_ by Sheri S. Tepper to friends who liked Watership Down. Same kind of figurine-out-another-society stuff going on along with conflict and social commentary.