Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 2 Signs That Unemployment is Making VUBOQ Cynical (Even Cynicaller?)

(1) VUBOQ was not all that impressed with Glee.


(2) VUBOQ thought WALL-E was ok, but didn't get all orgasmic over it ... like everyone else did.

Srsly. It was cute and all, but the whole No Dialogue Thing prevented VUBOQ from multi-tasking. And, well, replace the Cute Little Robots with Cute Little Princes/Princesses and it's like practically every other animated flick out there ...

And there you have it. Undeniable proof that Long-term Unemployment = Cynicaller VUBOQ. How many more movies/tv shows is this going to ruin for me?


Martini Time?


  1. I watched WALL-E for the first time last night. I like it, it was cute, but I didn't get all orgazified over it either.

    I liked the no dialog thing. Yeah, it prevented me from working on my knitting, but it was peaceful. I hear too much yammering all day long. (Some people can knit without looking at their work. I'm not that good.)

  2. spend an unemployed day with my non-stop talker of a toddler and you will understand the allure of the no-talking movie that still captures the attention of the small child. plus I liked the soundtrack.

  3. We liked WALL-E but mostly because of the love story, and we aren't big fans of the whole prince/princess theme (unless we are talking Princess Bride, but that is TOTALLY different). So it was the cute love story without super-cute royalty that got us. Well, that and all of the references to ever classic space movie ever made.

    All that said, I believe that Martinis are a sure-fire (albeit temporary) cure for cynicalness.