Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update: Summer Solstice Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

And, now, the days are getting shorter. Gradually the amount of light in our lives is decreasing. *sigh*

It'll be OK though. VUBOQ will be here to brighten your lives (and there was much rejoicing. *yayz*).

Anyway, I had a pretty rockin' weekend. Friday, I met Mike und friends for dinner at the Commissary (near P and 14th).

Saturday, my friend, Alison, and her boyfriend, Peter, came down from NYC and we went to Busboys and Poets for dinner and Nellie's for after dinner drinkages. Totally! Hot! Boys!

Sunday, I relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine. And made a pretty awesome salad. And watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Kung Fu Panda.

Oh, and I know you are totally wanting to know about the salad:

Fresh corn cut off the cob. Tomatoes. Red Onion. Black Beans. Feta. Lime/Mint Dressing. Pita. Chock full of deliciousness. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm. Don't you wish I were your houseboy and I made fantastic vegetarian foods for you all the time????

You know you do. And, it could happen, seeing as how I am currently between the jobs and you have LOTS of money to pay for the upkeep of a supercute (but slightly older than one would normally think of a houseboy) houseboy :-)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this week has got So Much Craziness going on I don't even know where to begin. BUT, you, dear readers, may be in danger of your Heads Exploding from all the Awesomeness!

Here's a teaser:
Tuesday: Hot Bowling Date! (hopefully)
Wednesday: Summer Pottery Class Begins!
Thursday: Mystery Guest!
Friday: um. It's FRIDAY!

And, we're not even blogging about the Crazy Craziness ... perhaps next week (teaser! trying to keep you interested!).

Have a Great Day! *smooches!*


  1. vuboq can be my houseboy anytime. alas, with both of us unemployed, all my buckets of money are empty.

  2. anne marie in philly12:08 PM

    I wonder who the thursday mystery guest is...

  3. VUBOQ can be my houseboy, though alas, I spend my money on the upkeep of these parasite children. Some of them aren't even supercute.

    What is your opinion of Kung Fu Panda? I wonder if I should watch it, and/or get it for the kidlets to watch.

  4. We could use a houseboy. We'd even give you evenings and weekends off (we could even provide you room and board AND Isabella would be welcome). However, I have a feeling that we may not be able to provide quite the fulfilling experience you're looking for.... We just can't compete with Hot Bowling Dates... *sigh*