Friday, June 05, 2009

Because I Can Keep a Secret

Good Morning, Kittens.

Who am I kidding? I can't keep a secret to save my life ... but, for right now, let's just say I have things (well one thing in particular) that I want to tell everyone in Vutopia, but I can't. And, it's not the "not telling" that is causing me stress ... it's the Actuality of the Event that is causing me stress.

And, it's not the Not Having a Job Thing either ... although, that is causing an entirely different type of stress...

Immediate Stress vs. Impending Absolute Poverty Stress. Neither of which is fun at one time. Combined? You wonder why I drink so much.

Sometimes (like now), I'm amazed that my body doesn't collapse upon itself (like the house in Teh Amityville Horror or was it Poltergeist?). And, because it doesn't, I am reminded that I can go on. And I do. Go on.

BTW, have I mentioned that my hair is looking fan-forking-tastic?

Oh, wait. I was talking about how stressed I am. Which I am. But even while the steel bands of stress clamp around my chest, I can still obsess about my fantastic hair, right? Right?

Perhaps not...

ANYWAYZ. I hope the source of my Not-Being-Unemployed-Related Stress will be resolved soon. Because there are so many good things about to happen in my life:

Visits from SuperCoolPeople (you know who you are!)
Adventures to SuperCoolPlaces (you know where you are!)

And somewhere ... out there ... beneath the pale moonlight ...

I know Good Things will happen. Really. They will.
Even if they aren't quite what we expect them to be. They will be good.

I hope you have a SuperCoolDay. *smooches*


  1. Now I'm all intrigued and whatnot...

  2. This made Bossy laugh and cry.

  3. So vague -- So unknown. . . But at least the hair looks good.

  4. I applaud your positive thinking. My tank is kind of empty at the moment.

  5. Hey, if you've got great hair, great things are destined to happen! ;-)

  6. Grr, mystery.

    I...I have a secret too! That I'm not telling! Really! So there! ;)