Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Riding the Bus

Good morning, Kittens.

As I was preparing to leave my house yesterday afternoon, I received a text message from Tomokito about a train malfunction on the red line. I delayed my departure for a few minutes to see if I needed to find an alternate route to Mike's house.

I did.

I'm very glad that Mike suggesting meeting after 6, rather than *at* six. Meeting at 6 would have required me to be on a Shady Grove-bound red line train around 5. Funny how a preposition can make all the difference, huh?

Instead, I took the 70 down Georgia Avenue. Mike made vegetarian pizza. It was delicious. And we watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. Then, I hopped back on the 70 for a fun-filled ride home.

All the Crazy Bus Lady had to do was yell, "Don't touch me, bitch!" once and the rest of the passengers on the Standing Room Only Bus let her have the seat by herself ...

On a totally unrelated note, Scott received his pottery! And it's not in a gabillion pieces. Wow. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this pottery-sending thing.

I rescheduled my bowling date for next week. So, I'm free tonight to watch a DVD and relax. Yay.

Have a wonderful day! *smooches*


  1. Whoa! Thank goodness you weren't on the train.

  2. anne marie in philly9:56 AM

    WHy do all the crazies ride the bus (not YOU, silly!)?

    I must admit I became concerned when I looked up the accident location on the metro map and saw how close it was to your home base.

    hell, I remember the 1982 accident; it was the same day as the air florida crash into the potomac.

    metro train crashes cannot stop ME! or wonder woman, for that matter!

    PS - scott received some VERY nice pottery...damn, you got talent!

  3. What DVD did you end up watching?