Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Update: Whole Lot to Be Thankful for Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens!  I hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving and are using the rest of the weekend to relax and exercise off all those excess calories you consumed ... as for me, my Thanksgiving holiday has been possibly one of the Best EVER!

On Wednesday afternoon, I got some VERY  GOOD news (which I will be sharing later once everything is signed and official). THEN, M in Las Vegas texted asking if I would be home on Thursday, because he wanted to pick up the car.

Um.  WHAT?  "Are you in town," I asked.  He said he would be but was driving from DC to his family's in NC.  CRAZY PANTS!

Later that evening, another M (this one local) called saying he and a friend were in the neighborhood and could they stop by.  "Sure," I said. When they got here, the friend stayed in the car.  Weird.  But, whatever.  So M and I chatted for a minute.  And then ended up having superhot buttsecks while his friend sat in the car waiting ...

Hmmm ...

On Thanksgiving morning, some of my neighbors, former neighbors, and friends ran the 2nd Annual Sligo Co-op 10(ish)K and Brunch.  That was awesome.  The weather was gorgeous and we all had a good time.

When we got back, we had brunch at K-Factor and the Canadian's apartment.  While I was there, M (from Las Vegas) texted saying he was at Fort Totten Metro and could I come pick him up at Silver Spring.  Fortunately, I had only had one mimosa so I was fine to go pick him.

He had flown on the red-eye to NYC and then transferred to DC and then metro'ed to Silver Spring.  CRAZY.  And, he was planning on just hopping in his car and driving the 6 hours to his parents' home in NC.  CRAZIER!

He brushed his teeth, washed up a bit, and ... um ... well, then, we ended up having superhot quickie buttsecks before he left.

And, then, I went back up to brunch.  Very hungry.

I left "brunch" around 4 and started making a vegetarian chili.  M (from DC) had mentioned that he wasn't going anywhere for Thanksgiving.  He has recently become vegetarian and didn't want to deal with all the drama surrounding that with his family.   So, I invited him over.  We ate chili.  Watched DVDs.  Went to bed superearly and ended up having really fun buttsecks that night ... and the next morning.

It seems I have had a very Whore-y Thanksgiving.

Friday, I helped the neighbors rake leaves.  Then, I met this guy who I've been talking to online for a long time for lunch.  He's nice.  We did not have superhot buttsecks.  Not sure if he's my type.  But, a nice enough guy, for sure.

Then, I got ready for the theater!  My co-worker and I went to the Kennedy Center to see "Jekyll and Hyde" starring American Idol alum, Constantine SomethingThatBeginsWithAnM.  OMG.  The show was boring.  And his singing had two levels - flat or LOUD.  Way too many "power ballads" for one show.  Blech.  The female leads were pretty awesome though.  Loved them.  And I may have giggled once or twice at the goofy staging.

Can't win them all I guess.  Next show we're seeing is "White Christmas."  I imagine that it will be AWESOME!

This morning, when I finally woke up, I noticed that the wind had blown an entire new batch of leaves all over our nicely raked yard.  Grrrrr.  So, I helped a couple more neighbors rake that mess up.

Then, I made pickles.

Watermelon radishes, purple carrots, regular carrots and weird fractal looking cauliflower

And, now, I am trying to update my iphone.  It is taking forever.  After I finish that, I'm heading to the bank, likker store, and the 7-11 to buy PowerBall tickets ($315 million, bitches!).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Charlie Brown's Very Whore-y Thanksgiving. Now that would be an instant holiday classic.

    Hated Constantine (and the way he was always eye-raping the camera) on AI.

    Can't wait to hear your VERY GOOD news : ).

  2. Glad you are getting some. Very weird having your friend in the car while the hot buttsecks is happening.