Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Good Evening, Kittens!

Because there are some things I want to tell you about, but can't just yet, I am going to share with you some pottery pictures ...


Mugs!  The inside is Michigan Brown.  And the outside is Lisa's Favorite Blue and Black (around the rim).  I think I will be giving one of these to V from Philly, who I will be seeing this weekend because I told him I would help him work some sort of Mulled Wine Booth at the National Harbor's Harbor Holiday Festival (or something like that). The company is putting us up in a hotel room there all weekend. And I get to talk about booze to strangers.  Good times!


Bowl!  It is all in Lisa's Favorite Blue.  I am thinking I will give this to a family member.  Maybe my brother (and his girlfriend) for Xmas. I used my credit card points to get my family members gift cards to various and sundry stores.  So I feel like I should also give them something that I actually paid for ...

Hm ...

As for my online shopping/black friday/cyber sunday/whatever let's shopday experience ...

My brother will also be getting some of this Super Delicious Hand-crafted Tonic. It's from Arizona, so, Carrie, you should totally buy some.  It is full of the Nomz!

I have decided that Uni-Qlo's on-line store is going to drive me to bankruptcy.  I bought 2 sweaters, a pair of dress pants, 5 pairs of socks, and two t-shirts the other day.  I wore one of the sweaters to work today and got OODLES of compliments.  YAY!  Admittedly, I did look super-cute.  Well, super-cuter than usual.

I also bought more lube.  Well, after Thanksgiving, I needed more.  *ahem*  What?  No judgement.

And, I guess that's all the news (that I can share).  Have a wonderful night!

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  1. Mmmmm. Michigan Brown! So warm and cozy.