Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Update: Randomness Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

What a fun weekend had I!  On Friday, after attending a fun environmental/green building symposium, I met SCGB, Bobby, Tomokito, and Eric from Baltimore at Nellie's for happy hour.  and, then, we went to a really yummy (but, probably over-priced) Thai restaurant for dinner.

And, then, I staggered home.  Yay!

On Saturday, kind of overhung.  BUT, my co-worker, Dana, and I went to this local eco-design business (which we had learned about at the aforementioned symposium).  She was looking at backsplashes, and I am thinking of having them design/build my new kitchen.  Yay for new kitchens!

Then, I walked up to the Whole Foods, shopped, and had lunch at Adega.  Yum.  Once home, I made a metric shit-ton of hot sauce (using chili peppers from our CSA).

Why, yes, I did just make a metric shit ton of hot sauce.

For dinner, I made corn on the cob and green bean in a walnut miso sauce.  YUM!

Saturday night, I watched "The Bubble," an Israeli film about a Palestinian/Jewish gay couple.  Let's just say it ends badly.  Of course, most gay flicks end badly.  How come the only Happily Ever After for gay people in cinema is death?

On Sunday, I did a lot of cleaning type stuff.  After a full morning of work, my living room and coat closet are clean(ish) and organized.  That is a good thing.  That afternoon, Tomokito and I walked up to our local Pacers to buy new running shoes ... but it was closed!  GAH!  So, we went to Adega and drank a bottle of wine.  YAY!

And, today, which I also had off (yay!), I did lots of errandychore things.  I went to the Trader Joe's.  And I ironed.  And I -finally- bought my new running shoes.  And I took a nap.  And I washed dishes.  And I put a cute little plant on our front stoop. And I started a vanilla bean vodka infusion.  And I did a little bit more tidying up.  And I am still not done tidying up ...

New plant for the front porch.

And, I guess that's about it.  Pottery class starts back tonight.  Yay!

Hope you had a fun weekend!  *smooches*


  1. That is a cute little plant and that is a lot of hot sauce. I'll have to find a really good Thai restaurant for the next time you visit San Diego : ).

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    You didn't mention that you ditched us! ;-) and I ended up in staring at THE gorgeous go-go boy's a**...


  3. Not all gay movies end badly. "Trick" "Latter Days" and "Beautiful Thing" all end happily!


  4. There's also Big Eden, which is heartily unrealistic (rural Montana? I don't think so) but still cute.
    Besides, Israeli/Palestinian love story can't end any better than Romeo and Juliet did.

  5. What kind of plant is that? My guess would be thyme.

    1. Hi, Nancy! It's heather.

      I never saw a moor;
      I never saw the sea,
      Yet know I how the heather looks
      And what a billow be.