Sunday, December 09, 2012

Week Update: [Insert Clever Title Here] Edition

Good Sunday Evening, Kittens.

Let's catch you up on the past week, shall we?

Lessee ... I went to work every day ... and did not kill anyone.  Always a plus.  I am so unmotivated at work these days.  *sigh*

On Monday, I recovered from the weekend of working at the Crappy National Fucking Harbor.  And, um, I may have had a "friend" come over for an Adult Sleepover.

Tuesday, after work, I went to the pottery studio to do a little last minute glazing.  All of my work from this semester should be ready on Tuesday-ish.  Prepare yourself for an onslaught of pottery pix.  And try to contain your excitement.

Wednesday, I did laundry.

Thursday was the Day of the CSA Vegetables.  I am sort of tired of fresh vegetables.  Or, more accurately, I am tired of trying to figure out what to do with all the fresh vegetables I have.

And, on Friday, I went bowling (with the same "friend" from Monday night).  I did badly.  Also, bowling with a bad back is not a great idea.  Owz.  And, then, we got take out from Mandalay.  Mmm.  Yummy Burmese foodz.

Saturday, I may have had the buttsecks ... twice ... before heading to the Kitchen Design place to talk about my new kitchen.  Then, I ran home.  4.5 miles.  So exhausting.

Lots of blobbing then commenced.

And, Saturday night, Tomokito came down for Martini Time and Drinking an Entire Bottle of Wine Time.  Boozy good times!

Sunday, surprisingly not overly overhung.  After a leisurely morning, I headed over to the German and his Hot Wife's apartment to help them move.  OK.  I didn't really do anything other than drink beer and eat pizza.  Other people moved furnitures and boxes.  I have a bad back.  Really.

Then, I came home and cleaned and ironed.  Tonight, I'm going to figure out which vegetables to cook and maybe work on my annual StickSteven Year in Review Holiday Letter.

Where has the time gone?  Eh?

Hope you had a beautiful week and a fun-filled weekend!


  1. Hooray for blobbing! And for not killing anyone. Keep it up!

  2. Looking forward to Stick Steven. :)