Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Update: Parental Visit Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!  And Happy Veterans' Day!  I hope you will all be able to celebrate and honor our veterans tomorrow by not going to work and hitting the mall for Big Big Sales.

ANYWAY,  my parents visited this weekend.  They arrived Thursday late afternoon.  That evening, we just blobbed around and ate and talked.

On Friday, I had a hair appointment.  While I was away, I tasked my parents with cleaning my place and putting away my Halloween decorations.

When I got home, we piled into the car and I drove (eek!) to the Kennedy Center.  We had a tour of the building and, then, had dinner at the KC Cafe.  After dinner, we attended a performance of "Warhorse."

It was pretty amazing.  BUT, I would like to say that the people who were all like, "The horses are PUPPETS! and, after awhile, you don't even notice the puppeteers" are either totally craycray or possibly mentally challenged.  Every time the horses appeared on stage, I was always like, "who is that character who is always leading the horse around."

Then, I would remember it was the puppeteer in charge of head movement.  I found it a little distracting.

BUT, still, the play was very good.  And, the parents enjoyed it.  Hurrah!

Then, I drove (eek!) home.  Through Rock Creek Park!  In the dark!  SCARY!  It was like driving through Deliverance

On Saturday, we went to Target.  The parents bought me a humidifier.  Yay?  They seem to think that will help with my "Winter Cough."  We'll see ... At least my sweaters shouldn't be so staticky now.

For dinner, we ate at El Golfo.  Yum!  Then, we came back and watched some of Downton Abbey Season 2. 

The parents left this morning.  And, I went for an 11 mile run.  Then, I went to the likker store and the Whole Foods and had a boozy lunch at Adega.  YAY!

Then, I had a nap.

Tonight, Tomokito and I are having cocktails here.  And, in the morning, I have a phone interview for what could be a very interesting (and much higher salaried) job.  Send good vibes around 9AM.

After the interview, I'll need to grocery shop and iron and maybe do some cooking for the week.  And, then, there will be pottery class ... which kicks off a very busy week.  More on that later, I'm sure.

Have a great night!  And enjoy your day off tomorrow (if you have a day off tomorrow).



  1. No day off tomorrow. (Frowny emoticon not big enough to do justice here.) But I will send some vibes (um, the intangible, you know, psychic kind) around 6AM. Haha! Thought you could trick me, but I know my North American time zones, shweetheart!

  2. My vibes are late. So use them for something else if you want.

    I think the puppeteers would be distracting, too. Harry and I saw The Little Mermaid musical when it was in Denver. The mercharacters had both tails and legs (and were on rollerskates). I couldn't stop wondering why they just didn't make the legs look more tail like.

    We have a humidifier, but it's such a pain to clean all the time. It just sits in a cupboard now. Oh well.