Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Update: Xmas Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

Previously, on VUBOQ, I was wandering the streets causing random cars to burst into flames ... well, apparently, I have a new SuperPower.

But, enough about that!  Things were superbusy crazypants up until I left for Greensboro, NC after work last Friday.  Luckily, my flight was on time, and I arrived on time, in one piece, and slightly tipsy (yay for airport barz).

Friday night, I went to one of my brother's friend's birthday party.  I knew a couple people.  It was fun-ish.  The beer was cheap.  And, then, since I was starving, we left the party and grabbed some food.  Yay food!

Saturday, I met some of my college friends for lunch at the Village Tavern.  $5 martinis all day on Saturday! WOO HOO!!!

My BFF from college (24 years and going strong) gave me some fun Elon gear.  Go Fighting Christian Phoenixes!

Saturday afternoon, the parental units arrived.  I took a nap.

On Saturday night, the water heater exploded (see aforementioned SuperPower).

On Sunday, I went for a six mile run with the President of my Greensboro Fan Club.  And, then, I showered at my brother's girlfriend's house.  Yay!

On Monday, there was much blobbing around the house.  Plus, some grocery shopping.  And on Monday evening, Santa came.  Apparently, I have been a very Good Boy.  Either that or Santa turns a blind eye to the naughty naughty buttsecks.

I got several gift cards (Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Regal Cinema, Target), a couple of Polo goods (it helps when one's brother works for Mr. Lauren), and my parents paid for the upcoming Spring pottery session.

Tuesday morning, I flew back to the DeeCee.  And, later that evening, I unwrapped my favorite present ... M (not the one in Las Vegas, the one who lives here). 

Today, I went to work. Yuck.  We were allowed to leave at 3PM because of the weather.  And I did laundry.  And roasted vegetables.  Good times.

Soooooo ... how was your Xmas (for those of you who celebrate it)?



  1. Remind me never to let you near anything explodable of mine. I had a nice quiet Christmas. But we always do. No traveling no storms and good time with friends this afternoon. Maybe I need to try being your brand of "good" if it gets me better gifts.

  2. Well Kris spent Christmas Eve, so you know that was a good time. Christmas itself was pretty good too. Glad you safe travels and a fun holiday!


  3. Sounds like good times! We had snow, and then no snow for a day, and then tons more snow. So pretty much par for the course. Although I have pointedly ignored the laundry for a few days because I'm a rebel like that. And I'd rather play with the dogs in the snow than fold laundry... ;-)

    -Dr. Liz and not Fiona the dog, who NEVER does the laundry

  4. Vicious Unrepentant Flammable Old Queen? Maybe not. Christmas was fine out here. Lots of food and booze!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Actually, Santa turns his brown eye to the buttsecks...


  6. Our christmas was busy. Two parties on christmas day...Hubby volunteered at local church to feed homeless and needy. Went to a church party a couple days before that. The funny part...we played a gift game...pastor got pampers and baby wipes(his kids are grown)...My husband got depends for his birthday...Pampers, depends, same thing. I'm still laughing...