Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week Update: Miserably Ill Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

This past week has been chock full of fun and excitement!  Especially if you define "fun and excitement" as "feeling like Death Warmed Over!"  YAY!

I contend that V from Philly gave me some sort of Deadly Philadelphia Germ.  He refutes that claim, because he has not been sick. Whatever.  Carrier.

ANYWAY, I spent most of the week feeling like El Crapola.  The cold has been mostly in my chest.  Lots of coughing and hacking.  Not much sinus pain (huzzah for small favors).  And, thus, I did not do much.

I did go to pottery class, where I threw two (future) mugs and a bowl.

I also made two very yummy soups: black lentil/tomato/vegetable and thai red curry butternut squash (pictured above).

This weekend, I have been feeling a bit better.  Still, I cancelled my planned daytrip to Philly to hang out with the fabulous Lora and Bossy.  I will see them -fer sure- when I run the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November.

I've mostly blobbed around the house.  Drinking juice.  Taking vitamins.  Making Serrano-infused Tequila with the chilies I had to pick b/c of the Threat of Frost.  And also some Vanilla-Cinnamon Infused Vodka for my Low-Key BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party in a couple of weeks.

Threat of frost tonight, so I picked the last of my peppers.The Last of the Chilies

 I did manage to run 3.5 miles this morning.  The Army 10-Miler is next Sunday.  I don't think I'm ready. Stupid back issues.  Stupid cold.  BUT, I will do my best.  I will probably be slower than I want to be though.  *sigh*

I am off tomorrow.  So, I'll be doing laundry.  And grocery shopping. And all sorts of other fun things.

Hope all is well and healthy in your world!


  1. My skimming eyes thought you "threw" up twice at pottery class. Good thing I reread that sentence. I've been sick for the last few days and have NOT ran 3.5 miles (or feet for that matter). Feel better!!

  2. Victoria9:47 AM

    How did you make the thai red curry butternut squash soup? I've got some squash that need to be used.

    1. Victoria, I didn't really follow a recipe but here's sort of what I did:

      In a large pot, add a little bit of coconut milk. Once hot, saute about half an onion, some garlic, and about a tablespoon of thai red curry paste.

      Once the onion is soft add the rest of the can of coconut milk and maybe 2-3 cups of veggie broth.

      Then, add cubed butternut squash and 3 small-medium potatoes (peeled/cubed).

      Boil until squash and potatoes are soft. Add juice from one lime. Maybe more curry paste if needed. Salt. Pepper.

      Zhuzh 'til smooth.

      Top with chopped cashews and Thai basil leaves.

      Hope that makes sense :-)

    2. Victoria11:59 AM

      Makes perfect sense. Thanks for typing it up. What brand of thai red curry paste do you use/recommend?

  3. Those soups sound sooo yummy! I've been wanting some new ideas for soup and these are perfect.