Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update: Exam Prep Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

And, suddenly, it is Monday again.  How the heck does that keep happening?  Oh, well ... I am back to fill you in on all the fun and excitement of my weekend ...

On Friday, after work, I had a date.  With someone new.  Let's call him "T" ... We went to El Chucho in Columbia Heights.  They have delicious margaritas.  He doesn't drink.  I had two.  They also make tacos and other foods ... which were pretty good.  He is also vegetarian. That is nice.  Dating vegetarians is easier than dating Omnivores.  I'm sorry.  But, it is.  He drove me home.  We kissed good night.  Good times.

On Saturday, I woke up (eventually) and went to the Whole Foods.  And, then, I went to the Likker Store.  But it wasn't open yet.  So, I stopped by Marshall's.  Where I found a pair of Lucky Jeans.  In my size.  For only $35.  I bought them.

Then, I went back to the Likker Store.  And I bought beer, Shocktop Pumpkin Ale (or something like that).

And, then, I studied.  All morning and afternoon. Study Study Study Study Study.

Plus some studying.

That evening.  I made Oprah's Pumpkin Vegetarian Chili. Because, I had invited two of my vegetarian/vegan neighbors over for dinner (as a study break).  They brought spinach salad.  And vegan brownies (which we ate with Cookie Butter and Almond Milk Ice "Cream"). 

On Sunday, I ran 6.5 miles (or so).  And then I studied.  Study Study Study Study Study. Study.

With some more studying.

And maybe a cocktail.

Around 4:30, Tomokito and (No Longer a Baby) Baby Hana came down for a study break. With more cocktails (except for Hana.  No cocktails for her!).

They left.  I ate dinner.  And studied some more.  Study Study Study.

And, then, I got tired of studying.

So, I read a book.  Read Read Read. 

And, then, I went to bed.

TODAY, I got up and went to the Testing Center.

And, I took the LEED Green Associate Exam.

And, well, I totally kicked its ass and made it beg for mercy.  Oh, yeah.  The LEED GA is my bitch now.


So, now, I can forget everything I learned, have a cocktail, eat leftover pumpkin chili, and go to pottery class.


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  1. Congrats on kickin' LEED GA ass.
    I made the chili last year (got the recipe from you!). I'll have to make it again this year. After I buy some pumpkin beer and decorate with some motherf*cking gourds! Yay Fall!