Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week Update: Excitement Edition

Good Sunday Afternoon, Kittens!

I guess it's time to update everyone on my week and weekend.  It has been fabulous (mostly).

After work on Monday, I busied myself by getting My Cocky & Rude Bloggy Gift Exchange packages ready to mail.  I hope that they (a) have arrived by now and (b) that they arrived in one piece.

On Tuesday, my co-worker drove me to the Pottery Studio so I could pick up the last few pieces of my pottery.  I was mostly pleased with how things turned out.  Especially this bowl:

Cool BowlWhich I gave to my co-worker as a thank you for the ride

And My Little Yellow Soup Tureen:

We All Live in a Yellow Soup Tureen

Once I got home, I had to get ready for my building's monthly board meeting.  So much fun.  not really.

On Wednesday, I did laundry and M (not the one in Las Vegas.  Obviously) came over for an Adult Sleepover.  We watched Men in Black 3 and ate pizza.  And maybe did a few other things ...

On Thursday, I relaxed mostly.  And, made spicy stir-fried napa cabbage and noodles.  Tasty!

Friday, the real excitement began!  First, the power in my building went out.  And came back on.  And went out again.  And came back on.  And went out again.  Until finally, I left around 2.

But, I had a doctor's appointment.  I am mostly healthy.  He prescribed some antibiotics for my persistent cough.

On Saturday morning, I got up and went to a Holiday Brunch at Old Ebbitt Grill.  I had the pumpkin spice french toast.  Very. Tasty.

Then, home to take a nap.

And, then, I met M and we went to Game Night with Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  As we were looking for parking, M's car got a flat.  We called AAA and they sent someone out to change the tire.  As M waited for AAA, I walked to the house and, suddenly, a car BURST INTO FLAMES.  Seriously.  Right as I was walking by it.   Some college age kids had just parked it.  And one of them was all, "Dude, I think your car is on fire."  They called 911.  I went to see if I could find a fire extinguisher.  But, by the time I found one, it was too late.  See:

I bring the excitement. First, my friend gets a flat. Then, this car fire starts right as I walk by.

Game Night was fun.  We ate pizza.  Drank wine.  Played Apples to Apples and Spades.  M and I won in Spades.  Yay us!  Then, we came back to my place and had even more fun.

And, then, we may have had more fun this morning before heading to Eggspectations for breakfast.

And, then, we may have had more fun when we got back from breakfast.

And, now, I am ready for a nap, but -first- I must do a little cleaning ... and ironing.

Good times!

Hope your week/weekend was equally as exciting!  *smooches*


  1. Well with all the 'fun' you've been having, I'm not surprised you needed a nap. :)

    And how FABulous are you that you can make a car spontaneously combust just by walked past it? :)

    Pottery looks sweet too.


  2. My weekends are never as fun (or as yummy) as yours. Oh well. I make up for it by blobbing my heart out.

    Love that bowl! And be all the way healthy, please.

  3. MOre superhero powers...The car on fire...Pretty scary...Glad I found ur blog.