Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update: Whole Lotta Nothing

Good (still barely) Morning, Kittens!

I can haz oog? Someone drank a little too much yesterday.

I did nothing all weekend, except watch DVDs and knit. I'm working on a baby blanket for my neighbors. Here's a picture:

has been knitting all day.Seed Stitch is tedious and painful.

When finished it will look like this (only a different color).

Y is back. I guess he's here to move the rest of his stuff? I have no idea how long he will stay this time.

Guess that's it. It's 12 of 12 today. So, if I can get my camera batteries recharged, expect another (more interesting?) post later.



  1. anne marie in philly12:24 PM

    ooooh, pretty blankie! and yes I agree, seed stitch is full of teh sux!

    hopefully Y will leave permanently and take the rest of his $hit and frozen chicken this week!

    let's see what you do with 12 for 12...

  2. Ugh, I have made two of these blankets and I swore after each one that I would never do seed stitch again. My favorite was the second one I made 'cause I added an Autobot or Decepticon logo in each square. Hey, I am a geek, I don't deny it :)

  3. I kinda like the seed stitch. How is it painful? Or am I just a glutton for punishment? Also, I am a very inexperienced knitter, so maybe I just don't know any better.