Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hong Kong Chicken Fever, Day 2

Good Morning, Kittens.

I iz sick. I coughez. I hackez. I snifflez. And, my kidneyz hurtz.
On the plus side, I don't feel feverish anymore. Hurrah! I have until lunchtime to be miraculously cured, because I want to go to the pottery studio today.

Yesterday, my parents closed on the house they bought my brother. Yes, they love him more.

Actually, they bought a house into which they will probably move once they become too advanced in years to care for their current home and/or they require live in help/healthcare. The brother gets to stay in the house until that happens. I think he also has to pay part of the mortgage, but I'm not 100% clear on the financials.

Dad wrote me a letter explaining all this (not that he needed to do that. They had explained it over the phone). My parents like to really drive the points home. The point in this case: We do love your brother more, but buying him a house doesn't prove it. Now, go get a job, you loser younger child.

In other exciting news, I made chili (sort of). I used black beans, kidney beans, onion, sweet potato, yellow squash, and a variety of spices and stuff. It was pretty good actually. Here's a photo:

Dinnertime!I have recently discovered that putting a little red quinoa in with the rice is SuperYumz!


Oh, and the Big Excitement around the Co-op yesterday, which required the arrival of several fire engines stuffed to the gills with cute firefighters, was that a neighbor had left something on the stove when she went out.

Another neighbor tried to call her after smelling smoke and hearing her smoke detector. When she didn't answer, he called the fire department. The Big Strong Cute Firefighters kicked in her door, turned off her stove, and opened all her windows. Smokey!

The saddest fact of the entire ordeal is that, because I am sick, I haven't showered in, like, 3 days, and there was no way I could go flirt with the Cute Firefighters. Wah.

Have a great day! *germy smooches*

ps. How the fuck did it get to be October already?


  1. anne marie in philly10:46 AM

    WHO THE HELL leaves something cooking on the stove and then goes out?!? IDIOT! (rant over)

    sorry you were not able to flirt with the firefighters.

    and sorry your parents lerve your brother more than you (been there, done that).

    poor poor VUBOQ...smooches and {{{{{hugs}}}}}, honeyz!

  2. Um -- Why does illness give you a holiday from hygiene? Get in the shower, you stinky mess.

    My parents give one of my sisters lots of bonus cash and prizes not given to my other sister or me. In that case, we think that my parents imagine her as needing more help from them (though, you know, I have expenses too).

  3. rn terri12:05 PM

    Feel better, VUBOQ!!

  4. I do loves the GayProf.
    Does it help to know that we love YOU more than we love your brother, whose existence was completely unknown to (some of) us until just now?

  5. Your parents only pretend to like your brother more so he won't realize they like you best.

    I'm with Gayprof on the shower. Go. Now.

    And for the record, I would never, ever leave a pot of water that I was planning on putting macaroni in unattended on a stove while I went next door to talk to a neighbor and then came back and found the water had completely evaporated. Ever.

  6. Oh you poor thing :(
    Get well soon! X

  7. Maybe Project Runway will make you feel better? Only if you take a shower!

  8. I love when we have quinoa on the menu @ the restaurante that I work at and I get to hear all the terrible mispronunciationz that customers spew out. IDIOTZ!

  9. Don't you mean, "Thank fuck it's finally October!"

    (I'm late on the sick VUBOQ news, but I hope you are vastly improved by now.)