Friday, October 23, 2009

18 Pounds

Good Morning, Kittens.

Yesterday was certainly full of fun and adventure. I went to the pottery studio. I made these:

BowlIt's a bowl.

VaseIt's a vase.

As I was cleaning up, I thought I dropped a sponge into the Slop Bucket (the ginourmous industrial size garbage bin in which everyone dumps their waste clay/water). I stuck my hand into the murky depths and felt something large ... and hard.

Using both hands, I pulled it out. It was about 18 pounds (I weighed it) of brand new clay with a couple of "failed" projects stuck to it. My guess is that some student purchased the clay, tried to make a few things, became frustrated, and tossed hir entire bag of clay into the slop bucket.

Too bad for them. Good for me. Free clay. It rocks.

After pottery, I headed into the District to meet CJ for dinner. Sharing my car of the train from Fort Totten to Metro Center was a young gentleman who either had a very bad case of the Tourette's Syndrome or was mentally challenged in some way. Every minute or so, he would scream/yell as loud as he could. He was accompanied by another man who kept talking to him in a low voice. It seemed to help ... some. Still. Yikes.

I met CJ at Dupont Circle and we went to Alero. Spinach Enchiladas. Margaritas. Yum. Good times.

Today is busy-busy. I decided to have the 8th Annual BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party on Saturday. It is smaller than most years. I only invited about 20 people. And it is BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything). I'm going to make an apple cider/cranberry punch and supply the carving materials. Should be a good time, but -before the good time- there is the cleaning and the getting ready.

Happy Friday! Have a fun weekend. *smooches*


  1. Have fun! (Wish I was there.)

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I love BYOE. What a fun acronym.

    And yay for clay!

  3. anne marie in philly11:49 AM

    "I stuck my hand into the murky depths and felt something large ... and hard." - pity it wasn't something else (heh heh heh)! pervy monkey!

    srsly, free clay is good clay; and who knows what may come of it!

    have a good weekend, dear one!

  4. Wish I could make this year's carving party. Have fun!

  5. Apple cider-cranberry punch?! I'd die to go to that fiesta! Though I for probz would cut off all of my fingaz via pumpakin carving.

  6. I have extra large sized bags of candy corn for you. Also, as an experiment, candy corn flavored Hershey's kisses. Those might be gross, but thought they were funny -- candy flavored like other candy.

  7. off topic, but i really, really like your blog...

  8. Free anything is great! Lucky.