Thursday, October 22, 2009

VUBOQ Wants You to Buy Him a Chanel Suit

Good Morning, Kittens.

Of all the exciting events, yesterday. This was the Excitingest: I had happy hour with Lumpyheadsmom and Friends! *w00t!*

See, what happened was ... A couple of days ago, she blogged that she was meeting friends for happy hour and that everyone should come. I commented that I would LUV to come, BUT I had a hot date. Ha ha! I had a date! Yay!

*Had* a date. Yesterday afternoon, the Date called. He had to work late ... in Baltimore. We rescheduled the date for Sunday. I tweeted that my date was off and that I was going to drown myself in a vat of ice cream.

THEN, Lumpyheadsmom (luv her!) replied, reminding me of happy hour. So I went. It was fun. We had margaritas (with no salt). And a yummy little pizza (with spinach, black olives, and goat cheese). And many, many laughs.

Once home, I watched the Lifetime biopic, Coco Chanel (starring Shirley MacLaine). Enjoyable.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for two important calls. Gah. Will the phone to ring, peoplez.

Have a great day, Kittens. *smooches*

ps. Project Runway fans, go read this: Tim Gunn is Tired of Your Bullshit.


  1. rn terri10:47 AM

    I watched Coco Chanel about a month ago, I liked it, kind of sad tho. Thanks for the link--that post was hilarious!

  2. ring, damn you. RING!

  3. Did it ring yet?

  4. anne marie in philly1:08 PM

    (in an ernestine voice) one ringy-dingy...two ringy-dingys...

    you would look FABU in a chanel suit; I would look like crap.

    get outside and get some sun on that skinny bod of yours!

  5. Two important calls. Hmmmmms.

  6. So. Much. Fun.

    And thank you for the lovely bowl. You are too wonderful.

  7. You. Lesbian

    Love it.

    xo, SG

  8. Chinstrap!! Hahaha! I love feisty Tim Gunn. Coco Chanel was okay. I adore Shirley Maclaine.


  9. "None of ya'll m-fs listened to a word I said." I'm still laughing about that! I want a t-shirt with that on it.