Friday, October 02, 2009

Monkey Pox. Day 3.

Good morning, Kittens.

Why is it when one is sick, he feels fine the moment before he gets out of bed. BUT, five minutes later, as he is making his coffee, his sinuses fill with gunk and he start hacking like a 2-pack-a-day smoker? WHY?

Actually, I feel a lot better. I didn't get to the pottery studio yesterday. In fact, all I did was eat and sleep. And watch DVDs. And knit. The orange scarf is about half finished. Yay.

Today, I am definitely going to the pottery studio. I also have to return a DVD and make a bank deposit. Oh, the joy and rapture of my life.

No real weekend plans. If I feel better, I might make a day trip to the beach on Sunday with Mike (who Makes Cakes). Otherwise, rest and relaxation is on the agenda.

Oh, and Super Happy Birthday Wishes and *extra-special smooches* to David:

David and MeI think this was taken the first time we met. Not 100% sure though.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. So . . . Did we make it into the shower?

  2. anne marie in philly12:18 PM

    gayprof: hopefully the answer is "yes" and "by myself"...

    glad to hear you are feeling better and are spoiling yourself at whole foods!

  3. YAY DAVID! He lookz 34 in this pictura!

    Oh, and I ADORE your sunniez!

  4. Superfantastic Cousin2:34 PM

    Shit! I just now realized you were sick because John Steele called to ask me a work question and told me. Clearly I need to stop with all the working and start calling my cousin. I too have had a cold this week, with a one-degree fever (so definitely not swine flu like everyone keeps telling me). But by following the protocol below, I have managed not to get hammered by the cold. Unlike the colleagues who infected me. Bastards.

    Superfantastic Cousin's Total Recovery Plan:

    Every night, 1) take a hot bath while, 2) drinking a double shot of bourbon, then 3) get at least 10hours of sleep.

  5. Tanks, shweetie!

  6. Superfantastic Cousin's Total Recovery Plan is perfect. Except that you might need to double #2. I'm just sayin....