Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Day of the Year Eve!

Good morning, Kittens.
Greetings from Germlandia!  I am still a festering, oozing mess of mucuos.  Mmm.  Tasty.  And, later on this week, I may (or may not) be marrying a box of Puffs Plus with Lotion.  I might as well, we are already sleeping together.
Yesterday, after getting home, I did ... nothing.  I sat on the sofa and blobbed the blobbing of a million blobs.  I did have a rather interesting email chat with a leftover from last summer's Summer of Fun.  He's invited me to his birthday brunch in a few weeks.  That should be interesting.  I wonder if I should take a present?  Probably ...
And, speaking of birthdays!!!  It's the Best Day of the Year Eve!!! So exciting.  And, it is also my last day of work this week!  OMG!  Yay!  I am busy putting together how I am going to spend the Best Day of the Year.  Currently, it involves a trip to the DMV (or whatever the DMV is called here in MD).  My driver's license is expiring ... and,yes, even though I haven't owned a car since 1995, I still keep my driver's license up-to-date.  I do drive other peoples' cars and rentals every now and again.  After that ordeal, I am going to head over to the pottery studio to finish some projects before UMD's Spring Break starts.  Finally, I think I will be doing Best Day of the Year Dinner in - pizza and beerz with some of my neighbors. 
Once home tonight, I will finalize all my plans, as I do laundry and try to tidy up the house a bit.  Good times, for sure.  So what are your plans for the Best Day of the Year?  Anything special?  Anything involving shopping and sending something to me?  Hmmm?
Have a great day!
*germy smooches*


  1. Yay for B-Day Eve! Boo for Illness.

  2. Happy Best Day of the Year Eve! Even if you are all germy and snotty and stuff. Hey, there's a little something coming to you, but I don't think it is released until April, so you'll just have to wait! In the meantime, have a drink or three for me!

    -Dr. Liz (Abby and Fiona are playing outside in the rain, silly dogs...)

  3. *cough*

    I have to get my driver's license renewed this year, too. Bah!

  4. I flirted with Puffs Plus with Lotion (or maybe just a lookalike?) some years ago, but the relationship wasn't very satisfying for me, as I wound up with a big zit on the tip of my nose. I've found that, all in all, I prefer the rougher sorts.

    Happy BDotY Eve!

  5. Happy Best Day of the Year Eve! Tomorrow I shall think of you and toast you with some Guinness.

  6. One would think your presence at his birthday brunch would be the best present he could get. :)

    Have a great birthday today, sweetie.


  7. I sure hope you could enjoy your big day. Get to feeling better!