Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Update: Do Nothing Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Welcome to my wrap-up of all the excitement that happened this weekend ...

And, there you have it! Wasn't that awesome!

Haha. I kid. I kid. I did have *some* fun this weekend.

Lessee ... Friday night, Cute Neighborhood Boy came over. We had cocktails and watched "The Aviator." We also made out (during the slow bits of that movie ... and, fortunately, there are a lot of slow bits). There also may (or may not) have been some of the Oral Secks. But, I don't blow and tell.

OK. Maybe I do.

ANYWAY, on Saturday, SCGB and I had a delicious lunch at El Golfo. Mmm. Spinach Enchiladas. Then, after I had a nap (and SCGB did some laundry), we had cocktails and measured my kitchen for the Great Kitchen Remodeling Project.


Later, Tomokito came down and we had (more) cocktails and watched Burlesque. Yay. It is awesome.

Sunday, I was a blob all day long. I should have gone to the birthday brunch of a one of the guys from the Summer of Fun. However, I wimped out. Also, I wouldn't know anyone else there. and, just gah.

So, instead I stayed home and blobbed.

And went to the Whole Foods.

And had lunch at Adega.

And came home and ironed 8 shirts.

And had more cocktails.

And then I made pancakes.

Good times.

Have a great day! Pottery class tonight. Yay!

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  1. I was watching one of the food networks and they had this (terrible) show on "Bitchin' Kitchen". Anyway, the kitchen had a red fridge/stove/etc. and it made me think of you.

    Also, I must remember not to click on your food links when I am hungry. Those pancakes look delicious.