Thursday, March 03, 2011

Laundry is My Life

Good (nearly) Afternoon, Kittens!
Yesterday happened like most of my Wednesdays always happen ... with a few minor exceptions.  I woke up. I went to work.  I came home.  I made a martini.  I did laundry.  I cooked dinner.  I called my friends. 
Then, I called my father to wish him a happy birthday.
And dinner was a bit of a disaster.  Still tasty, but I have yet to manage the Art of the Potato Pancake.  Maybe someday.
After dinner/laundry/calls were finished, I made another cocktail and ironed a shirt for today.  Woo hoo.
Then, covered myself in calamine lotion, popped two benedryl, and hit the sack.
How exciting was my day?
Today will also be filled with fun and excitement: Work.  Re-blonding.  Dinner w/ Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  And, if there is time, gym.
Have a great day!


  1. I think you're describing every day life for most people. We do the day...then every now and then we stumble onto something really great...and that is...really great. Those are the days we treasure most!

  2. part of the secret is drying out the potatoes first, and leaving them out at room temp for a little while.

    but honestly? scrambled mashed potatoes are just as good as anything!

    Potatoes fried in butter? yum.
    Mashed potatoes fried in butter? double yum