Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update: Pride, Parade, Purple, Polt, Pottery OMG Alliteration Edition

Good evening, Kittens!

Tomorrow, I am heading to Denver! Yay for work trips! Yay for conferences! Yay for random hook-ups with guys I've met online meeting new friends!

And speaking of meeting new friends, Saturday was the DC Pride Parade! YAY! And, OMG Kittens, prepare to be jealerz ... I met Polt! YAY! Srsly, he is so awesome (and we only got to talk for a few minutes) I just wanted to give him big huggles. It's so cool to meet genuinely nice people. *sigh*

ANYWAY, I totes forgot that it was the 12th, so no 12 of 12 post (even though I took a boatload of pix). Here are a few DC PrideParade photos:

Peter und MeSCGB and I looking all cute (prior to totally melting in the heat/humidity)

dcpride2010 024They were doing this acrobatic shit on a MOVING truck. Srsly. Crazy!

On the bus homeI can haz Rainbow Beads FTW

And, all of my Parade pix are here.

After the parade (and meeting his Purpleness Polt*), Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and Ray and I, headed over to the Restaurant Formerly Known As Food Bar (But Now Called Something Else That I Can't Remember) for cocktails and dinner. I had a Caesar salad and a lot of Gins and Tonic. nom.

Then, I hopped on the bus home ... and it only took for-fucking-ever, because of traffic and a Chuck Brown Concert at Carter-Barron Amphitheater. Bah. I got home around midnight.

I had planned to get up early to go for a run. Yeah, that didn't happen. By the time I woke up (8:45), it was Way Too Hot and Humid. I will run in Denver.

So, I putzed around the house, doing chores and arranging hookups in Denver stuff. Then, I went to the pottery studio. I threw a cool looking vase (but it has a slight flaw which I am trying to figure out how to correct) and a small casserole dish (Hello, Wedding Present for Nic and Maura?). I also picked up the last glazed piece from last session:


Not 100% sure what it is. Maybe it could be used for a spread and crackers? Or olives and their pits. It's not very large, which is the main problem for determining a function. Oh, well. It was a fun experiment to make.

After studio time, I packed for the trip. And, then, I chilled with some of my neighbors. There will be early bedtime tonight, because SuperShuttle is picking me up at 4-fucking-AM. G to the AH.

I guess that's it. I should be able to blog from the Mile High City, so stay tuned for all my adventures there.


*I wore my purple jeans just for him ... (and purple underwear. shhhhh)


  1. I think it is a personal hummus and pita wedge delivery device...and I LOVE it.

    Have fun in Denver!

  2. Can't, pot just be a pot? Decorative and such? Does it have to a function beyond pleasantness to the eye? :)

    And I know why you didn't tell me about the purple underwear...I should have waited to ask to take a photo of your jeans until you had told me of ALL the purpleness you were wearing!

    And we won't mention what you had to do for the rainbow beads.... :)

    I have GOT to find a time to come back to DC for the afternoon we have GOT to hang out! Seriously. You're a hoot (or have I already told you that?)

    Anyways, enjoy Denver and have a safe flight!


  3. Wait, no pic of the purple underwear? I DO BELIEVE WE HAVE BEEN SHORTCHANGED.

    Maybe the dish can be used to hold olives and toothpicks. For convenience as you make up a shit ton of martinis all at once for a martini party?

  4. Olive dish! I bought one in Spain but it has another little bowl for the toothpicks.

    Also, what is FTW? I always see it as Fort Worth. Surely that can't be right though.

    Safe travels in Denver.

  5. You are hilarious!!! What type of speed are you on?! Great sense of humour. Did you bring your O2 for Denver?

  6. Reader from Denver here! Have fun in our city! :Kisses:

  7. Srsly-don't run in Denver for 3 days. It takes us elite athletes awhile to I know you'll try the martinis there.

    Have fun!

  8. I usually go to the Pride Festival, because you guys almost always get better soul singers than most of the local African-American festivals, but this year?



    Still, I'm glad you had fun! :)

  9. Sounds and looked like a lot of fun.

    Lots of parades coming here. Going to the Mermaid Parade this weekend and of course the big NYC Pride Parade next weekend.